Office of Accounting

Invoicing Notes

  • All purchase orders with a total amount over $1,000.00 require receiving; instructions for entering receiving are found here.  Please enter receiving for these orders as your items arrive. 
  • The Accounting Office does not receive a notification if an invoice is attached to an order in SciQuest.  If you choose to attach an invoice to a SciQuest order, please notify the Accounting Office. 
  • Please notify us prior to 2:00 PM if you would like a check sent/picked up on the next business day.
  • The University does not typically prepay for goods and services; exceptions include certain custom products and contracts for performers which require "down" payments.   Prepayments for lodging for non-University affiliates (performers, speakers, etc.) are not allowed.  Lodging should either be reimbursed to the performer or paid directly to the hotel after the performance. 
  • Copies of invoices can be viewed in BDMS under B-F-DOCS – BANNER FINANCE PURCHASING/AP.  Invoices produced via the Non PO Payment Request Form in SciQuest will not be visible in BDMS, but these invoices will be visible in SciQuest.
  • The payment status of an invoice can be obtained through Self-Service Banner:  
    1. Log in to Self-Service Banner
    2. Click ‘Finance’
    3. Click ‘View Document’
    4. Under the ‘Choose Type’ drop-down box, choose ‘Purchase Order’
    5. Beside ‘Document Number,’ enter the purchase order number
    6. Click ‘View Document’
    7. Any invoices posted against this purchase order will appear at the very bottom of the screen.  If a payment has been made, you’ll see ‘check disbursement’ and a check # (check # starting in ‘1’ is a paper check; starting with ‘!’ is an ACH).
  • If a vendor is not listed in Banner, please complete a New Supplier Request form in SciQuest.  Vendors are created based on the information the vendor has provided on a W-9 or W-8BEN. The Accounting Office will only make payments payable to the ‘remit to’ name on an invoice. 
  • In some cases, a vendor will not invoice under the same name as the purchase order.  The Accounting Office will then determine (based on the W-9) which name the payment should be remitted to.  There may be times where a new purchase order must be created for the payment due to the difference in vendor names, but this would only be done for proper tax classification/filing and for auditing purposes.
  • The University requires a W-9 (for domestic vendors) or W-8BEN (for foreign vendors) from all new vendors to ensure proper tax classification/reporting.   Please note that W-8BENs expire three years after the date of signature.
  • The Accounting Office will not pay from a contract unless the contract has been signed by the appropriate University personnel.  The payee MUST match the name on the signed contract.  The proper contract procedure should be followed at all times.
  • The Banner Travel & Expense Management module should be used for all University-affiliated travel.  Travel for entities who are not students or employees should go through SciQuest.  Travel for non-University affiliates should follow University travel guidelines.