The Accounting Office is responsible for all University travel operations.  


The Ball State University Travel Policy should be reviewed by all travel stakeholders prior to planning a particular trip.

Travelers must have an approved, itemized Travel Authorization (TA) prior to booking travel or actually traveling:

  • The Authorization is entered by the traveler's delegate in the Banner Travel and Expense Management module
  • The Authorization includes:
    • Dates and locations of travel
    • All estimated, itemized expenses for the trip. The estimated expenses should include any items which are to be booked in Egencia, if applicable:
      • If the University travel card is to be used for Egencia expenses, the types of Egencia travel and amounts should be listed on the 'Non-Reimbursable' tab of the Authorization, while 'Authorization Only' should be entered on the 'Reimbursable' tab so the correct FOAPAL for Egencia expenses is charged
      • If using a personal card, the types of travel and authorized amounts should be listed on the 'Reimbursable' tab of the Authorization
  • The Authorization is approved by the traveler and then other approvers, with the Travel Department as the final approver
  • Once the Authorization is fully-approved, the traveler, or the traveler's arranger (dependent on departmental policy), can access Egencia to book the traveler's hotel, air, car, or rail, up to the authorized limits listed on the Authorization. For detailed information regarding using the Banner Travel and Expense Management module with Egencia, click here.
  • Once travel has occurred or has been prepaid, the Travel Expense Report (TR) can be completed to reimburse the traveler for any travel-related expenses, so long as the expenses are compliant with University Travel Policy.


Any travel-related query should be directed to or by calling 765-285-1327.

If you are assigned with the responsibility of completing Travel for those in your department, and you would like training for the Banner Travel and Expense Management module, please contact or call our office at 765-285-1327.

For information regarding the requisitioning of a University vehicle, please visit the Transportation Services website.

For information regarding risk management, please visit the Office of Risk Management website.


Egencia is the University's dedicated booking tool.  Travelers or travel arrangers can use Egencia to book air, hotel, car, and rail.

Egencia provides a platform that resolves the issue of Employee Travelers' being required to book and pay for their own travel in advance and seek reimbursement after the fact.  As a result, the many accompanying challenges of limiting travel to those that can pay in advance, waiting for reimbursements, unintended lack of compliance with reimbursable travel expense policies, and lack of resources to determine the best price and most convenient options are now resolved.

Other benefits of Egencia include:

  • Egencia enables Employee Travelers to book/reserve and pay for flights, hotel, car, and railway with a stored University card
  • All fares in Egencia will appear as either “in-policy” or “out-of-policy” (based on University Travel Policy) to enhance the user experience.
  • Egencia Online Traveler Booking Tools – Store your frequent flyer numbers and travel preferences (i.e. Aisle/Window).
  • Egencia Mobile App with flight statuses/changes.
  • Egencia Group Travel Planning and Sourcing – For groups up to six, travel can be booked all at once.
  • Egencia Business Traveler 24/7 Support.

Review the Egencia User Guides and Training page to get started.