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Travel Regulations and Procedures Manual

General Instructions

All travel documents should be reviewed and/or approved by your budgetary unit before submitting to the Accounting Office.

Reimbursable Expenses

Types of Travel

Use of University Vehicles

Direct Deposit







Reimbursable Expenses

Meal Allowance-Subsistence



Other vehicle expenses-tolls, parking

Air, Rail, Bus, Taxi

Registration/conference fees

The subsistence allowance for meals is as follows:

In-State Travel:  $26.00 per day   ($6.50 per period) 
Out-of-State Travel: $32.00 per day   ($8.00 per period)
China, Singapore, the Netherlands: $65.00 per day ($16.25 per period)
France, Germany, Great Britain:        $65.00 per day ($16.25 per period)
Korea & Taiwan: $85.00 per day ($21.25 per period)
Japan: $90.00 per day ($22.50 per period) 
All other Countries outside USA: $50.00 per day ($12.50 per period)

Meal Reimbursement
To compute the subsistence allowance for meals, divide the day into four periods as follows:
Period 1 12:01 am to 6:00 am
Period 2 6:01 am to 12:00 Noon
Period 3 12:01 pm to 6:00 pm
Period 4 6:01 pm to 12:00 Midnight.

You must be at least one quarter (or 2 hours) into the per diem period to qualify for subsistence allowance for that period.

You leave at 10 am - you qualify for Period 2 subsistence allowance.
You leave at 10:30 am - you do not qualify for Period 2 subsistence allowance. (you are only 1 ½ hour into the per diem period)
You return at 8 pm - you qualify for Period 4 subsistence allowance.
You return at 7:30 pm - you do not qualify for Period 4 subsistence allowance. (you are only 1 ½ hours into the per diem period)

Same Day Travel
For travel that begins and ends in the same calendar day, the following rules apply:

Travel between 6 am and 8 pm
No subsistence allowance will be paid for travel between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. The 6 am and 8 pm limitations are based on normal working hours. There is no subsistence for lunch.

Travel begins before 6 am and ends after 10 am
If travel begins before 6 am and ends after 10 am, the traveler may claim reimbursement for the breakfast meal in the amount of $6.50.

Travel begins before 5 pm and ends after 8 pm
If travel begins before 5 pm and ends after 8 pm, the traveler may claim reimbursement for the evening meal in the amount of $13.00.

When meals are furnished at no cost
If meals are included in registration fees or otherwise furnished to the traveler while on University business by a: (1) governmental agency, (2) private organization, (3) school, or (4) conference, then the subsistence allowance for the meals shall be reduced by the following: 


The foregoing does not apply when the registration fee for a one-day conference (no overnight travel) includes the cost of meals.


The maximum allowable lodging reimbursement for In-State travel is $89.00, plus tax, per day. An exception is allowed for stays in Indianapolis - up to $97.00, plus tax, per day, will be reimbursed (hotel receipt must show Indianapolis as the city).

Out-of-State lodging expense will be reimbursed based on actual lodging expense not to exceed the single occupancy room charge, including taxes. It will be the responsibility of each Department Chair, Director, Dean, or Administrative Head to advise faculty and staff approved for out-of-state travel to secure accommodations at reasonable per day rates and to place limitations on out-of-state lodging and/or total travel reimbursement where deemed appropriate. Faculty and staff who prefer lodging accommodations at rates that are judged to be unreasonable will not receive full reimbursement. If a request for reimbursement of out-of-state lodging expense is deemed to be unreasonable, the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer or his designee will determine the amount of allowable reimbursement in consultation with the appropriate Dean or Vice President. In such cases, the amount not reimbursed cannot be claimed as a reimbursement from Ball State University Foundation funds.

Lodging receipts are required for reimbursement of both lodging and meal subsistence.

Lodging receipts must be an original form as issued by the place of lodging and must show a zero balance. A credit card charge ticket is not considered an acceptable receipt for lodging.

In no case shall reimbursement be approved for charges that exceeds the single person occupancy rate.

Internet Connection Fee Reimbursement
Hotel internet connection charges will reimbursed to University travelers if used to access BSU email or other BSU business related matters. Reimbursement up to $10 per day is allowed.

When Lodging is Furnished at No Cost
If lodging is furnished at no cost to the traveler, a note should be attached to the travel expense voucher stating such. The note should explain the circumstances of the no cost lodging. i.e. Stayed at my aunt's home in Raleigh NC from 11/3-11/7 during conference.

When Lodging is Shared with University Employees
If sharing a room with another University employee, each traveler shall request a lodging receipt be issued in his/her own name. Each traveler shall claim the pro-rated share of the total room charges.

When Lodging is Shared with Persons Other Than University Employees
The University will reimburse the single occupancy room rate only. If sharing a room with persons other than University employees, and charges are assessed for additional guests, reimbursement shall be requested for the single occupancy rate only.



The reimbursable mileage rate, for all business miles driven, is $0.415 per mile.

Mileage rates apply to total mileage per trip. Each trip begins and ends at the traveler's home or official station, whichever is the shortest distance. The rates include all expenses related to such transportation. No repairs, gasoline, oil, storage, ferry charges, car washes, or other expenses shall be paid.

Round-trip mileage from campus to the destinations below is calculated as follows (please note that the mileage amounts below are the maximum allowable amounts which can be claimed; the amount of mileage to be claimed may be less dependent on the traveler's home or official station):

 Indianapolis International Airport  150 miles
 Indianapolis  120 miles
 Dayton International Airport     164 miles

An employee of the University traveling in his/her personal vehicle, for which mileage is claimed, shall travel by the shortest usually-traveled route. If, for personal convenience, an indirect route is traveled, any extra expense will be borne by the traveler. Mileage is computed utilizing online map applications.


















Other vehicle expenses-tolls, parking:


Toll Road Charges
Toll charges are a reimbursable expense when supported by toll receipts. If receipts cannot be obtained, reasonable toll charges may be reimbursed upon presentation of a written statement by the traveler at time of reimbursement.

Parking Charges
The cost of parking at an airport terminal, at long-term parking rates, is a reimbursable expense when supported by proper receipts.

Mileage for a second round trip may be claimed in lieu of parking if it is more desirable to have a second person care for a traveler's vehicle instead of leaving it at the airport. The total amount claimed for the second round trip mileage cannot exceed the calculated cost of long-term parking (number of parking days times the long-term parking rate).

Other parking charges are a reimbursable expense when supported by proper receipts. A receipt must be submitted for this charge.

Air, rail, bus, taxi:

Travel by commercial air, rail, or bus is a reimbursable expense provided proper evidence or receipts are submitted.

Taxi fares from a transportation terminal to place of lodging and return is a reimbursable expense when supported by proper receipts. If receipts cannot be obtained, reasonable taxi fares may be reimbursed upon presentation of a written statement by the traveler at time of reimbursement.  Please note that tips on taxi fares are not reimbursable expenses.

If traveler pays airfare in advance of travel, traveler may be reimbursed prior to trip.  Follow expense reimbursement procedures.

Registration/conference fees:

Registration fees may be paid in advance of travel by the University or by the traveler.

If Registration Fee to be paid directly by the University, complete:

  • Travel Authorization - Travel and Expense Management Tool.
  • Authorization should list amount to be paid directly by university as a Non-Reimbursable expense.
  • Print Travel Authorization and submit to Accounting Office Attn Travel with completed registration form/invoice.

If traveler pays registration fee in advance of travel, traveler may be reimbursed prior to trip.  Follow Expense Reimbursement procedures. 


Types of Travel  

Student travel

Travel to attend professional meeting

Travel on Federal grants, State grants, and other contracts

Student travel authorizations and reimbursements should follow BSU employee travel guidelines. 

Faculty, professional, staff, and service personnel will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred to attend professional meetings in an amount not to exceed actual cost of reimbursable travel expenses or the minimum dollar amount authorized for the specific meeting, whichever is less. Travel reimbursement will be calculated in accordance with applicable travel regulations.

Grant/contract travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with University travel policies and procedures.


Use of University Vehicles

A valid Travel Authorization (TA) must be completed prior to requisitioning a University vehicle.  Use of a University vehicle must be requested through FleetCommander. The cost of using a University vehicle is charged to the department or budget area requesting use of the vehicle. The cost of using a vehicle is based on a per mile and/or daily usage rate.

Rates for cars: $15.00 per day and $0.16 per mile
Rates for vans: $21.50 per day and $0.26 per mile

University vehicles may not be used for trips of the following nature:

  • Internship travel by students
  • Student teaching supervision
  • Student organizations

Contact the Transportation Office at 285-1022 if questions regarding the use and scheduling of University vehicles.

Direct Deposit

Travelers may be reimbursed by direct deposit.  After the initial enrollment, all future expense reimbursements will be made via direct deposit to the traveler's bank account.

If there are questions concerning non-payroll direct deposit, please contact the Accounting Office at 765-285-1327 or

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