The conservatory atrium is 47 feet high and its trusses were manufactured by Indiana Bridge in Muncie. There are three types of glass used in the overhead sky lights in the atrium. First, the frosted glass has dual purposes diffusing the light and hiding the penthouses that house the mechanical units for the building. Second, the tinted glass used in the narrow parts of the atrium is purely aesthetic. Third, the clear glass is in the center section. conservatory

The floor is a combination of quarry tile and Indiana limestone and is heated underneath by hot water pipes. Also, all of the bricks (inside and outside) are from Beldon Brick near Canton, Ohio. Each brick has been molded or cast and therefore unique. Approximately 183,000 bricks were used in the Alumni Center.

The tables and chairs are cast aluminum and were made in Barcelona, Spain, by Knoll. The finish on the walls in this area is a product called Zolatone and is sprayed on in two applications at different PSI which gives it different texture. This method and product is evident on many of the walls in the Alumni Center.

Finally as you can see, the conservatory is also home to palm trees. Kanchia palms, originally from New Zealand, were climatized for one year in San Diego by having black cloths put over them. They are 20 feet tall and are 30 years old. They grow 3 to 6 inches per year in the wild and about 2 inches per year inside.