All e-mail addresses of the Ball State University Alumni Association shall be used only in support and advancement of Ball State University.

Interpretation of Policy

The president of the Alumni Association will be charged with the responsibility of enforcing this policy.


An e-mail file that is generated by Advancement Services. This differs from a Listserv group as the push e-mail file is compiled from the Ball State Foundation database and used to send a message to a group of alumni and/or friends for the stated purpose.


To serve as a notice to Ball State alumni and friends of upcoming regional, special events, or reunions being sponsored or cosponsored by the Alumni Association. To distribute News from the Cardinal's Nest, the Alumni Association e-newsletter, and other departmental or group e-newsletters. To announce or promote Ball State events and programs to select alumni based on various parameters. To encourage, engage, and provide alumni/friends with opportunities to support Ball State University through their time, talents, and treasuries.


Submit requests for an e-mail file to the Ball State Foundation Communications who will have the file developed via the assistant director of Advancement Services with copies to the director of Advancement Services, the president of the Alumni Association, and to the person who is to send the push e-mail (the information coordinator, program coordinator, director). See restriction no. 2 for additional request information.

Make the request for the e-mail file to Ball State Foundation Communications staff at least two weeks prior to the time that the push e-mail should be sent.

Provide final text for the intended message (via e-mail) to the Ball State Foundation Communications.

Push e-mail should only be sent via the Alumni Association e-mail account unless otherwise discussed with the president of the Alumni Association (

Analysis and Evaluation

Responses (not returned undeliverable) from a push e-mail recipient of any kind should be monitored, responded to if necessary, and relayed to the president and to the director new media in order to evaluate the push e-mail concept.

The make up of the e-mail group (geographic location and/or affiliation) and the number of alumni in the group should be reported to Ball State Foundation Communications so that the returned undeliverable e-mail addresses may be analyzed and a return rate can be calculated.

Messages returned as undeliverable should be reported to Advancement Services so that the e-mail address may be marked as former in the database.


E-mail addresses will not be displayed in the push e-mail that is to be sent so that the file will not be compromised or made public in any way.

The number of push e-mail messages sent about a particular event will be limited to three.

Any person requesting to be removed from e-mail distribution will not be included in any additional push e-mail sent.

Any final limiting decision on the frequency of these push e-mail messages the Alumni Association will send rests with the president.

E-mail addresses will not be used or sold for any outside commercial solicitation, marketing, or promotions.

E-mail addresses will not be used or sold for any political solicitation, advertising, or publicity.

All push e-mails will have a unified look containing at least the Alumni Association logo and/or Ball State Foundation logo. The Ball State Foundation address and an unsubscribe option will be added to conform to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-187).

Any e-mail sent from the Ball State Foundation using the BSUALUMNI account, and sent to a large group of alumni and friends, should have a clear purpose, mission, and/or vision. The e-mail should meet at least one of the following criteria: inform the recipient alumnus about a significant happening on or off campus, invite the alumnus to an event, ask for or offer assistance, present a call to action to alumni, thank them, or involve them with Ball State University.

All e-mail correspondence of this nature must be branded with Ball State University, have a contact person at Ball State, and any response to the e-mail being received by someone at Ball State.