Ball State Miller College of Business Alumni Society Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2014

Members present – David Abernathy, Ed Armantrout (via teleconference), Kevin Dougherty, Tammy Estep, Todd Haines, Leisa Julian, Karen Mangia, Paul Nowak, Tim Pierce, and Cory Spaulding.  Guest: Michelle Johnson 

Call to order – President Tim Pierce called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m. 

Introduction – Paul Nowak is the new Director of Alumni Collegiate Relations for the Ball State University Alumni Association and will be the liaison to the Miller College Alumni Board. 

Approval of May 13, 2014, meeting minutes – motion to approve by Spaulding, seconded by Haines, and unanimously approved. 

Updates for roster – please let Nowak know of any changes to your contact information. 

Alumni Council update – Armantrout reported that a proposal to select approximately 15 Alumni Council members to be the sole voting members Alumni Council was made at the July meeting.  The proposal was not approved, and a revised proposal will be presented at the September meeting.  The Alumni Association voted to commit $300,000 to the Cardinal Commitment Campaign via a matching challenge to alumni.  As of the last council meeting, $157,000 had been pledged by alumni.  He asked Pierce, who agreed  to participate in a phone conference about constituent groups for the Council. The next Alumni Council meeting will be held on September 13 in conjunction with Family Weekend. 

Miller College Dean’s Report – Estep reported on behalf of Dean Sanyal, saying the new semester is off to a positive start.  Arrangements for the Neil Palomba Lecture Series are also coming along well.  Marc Pritchard, Global Brand Building Officer at Procter & Gamble, will speak on Oct. 31 at 1:00 p.m. at Pruis Hall.  Invitations will be sent out soon.  A reception for Miller Mentors will be held on Sept. 11 at the Indy Center from 6-8 p.m., with students arriving at 6:30 p.m.  The Miller College quarterly e-newsletter has been resurrected, and the first issue went out last month.  The board was asked for feedback on the newsletter. The next issue is scheduled for October, and a current email address must be on file with Alumni Programs.  A major college focus is on the reaccreditation visit January 25-27, 2015. 

Miller Mentors update – Estep mentioned that there are enough mentors for the fall.  The honors program committee will start sorting based on need and matching mentors with students. Introductions will be made at a reception.  The Miller Mentors program is for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  

Alumni Dinner – Estep reminded the board to attend on Friday, October 24.  She has obtained biographies of the award recipients, and said that invitations are designed and going to the printer in the next few days.  An electronic invitation will also be sent. Deadline for reservations is October 10. 

Award Dinner Sponsorships Committee – Estep explained that the event requires several more sponsorships, and it is this board’s mission to obtain them.  Pierce will get with Bammann, who is chairing the sponsorship committee, and get an update on the status.  Board members are encouraged to be a sponsor through their company and to work with the committee to identify potential sponsors.  Sponsorship opportunity levels will be emailed to the board.  An ad in the Alumnus magazine will feature the honorees and platinum level sponsors.  

Cardinal Business Forum update – Spaulding reported that attended was nearly the same as in 2013. He thanked board attendees and event sponsors.  Looking to 2015’s forum, the planning committee wants to make sure there are new co-chairs every few years.  Spaulding will help train/mentor. This person will shadow Spaulding next year and become chair for the following year.  Time commitment consists of meetings throughout the year, with most being via teleconference.  Haines mentioned he has tried to line up some volunteers in Fort Wayne for a similar event but wants more background information, as he has not attended a Cardinal Business Forum. If anyone from the board is interested in becoming the incoming chair, please let Spaulding know. 

New business – Mangia has taken on more responsibilities with her position at Cisco and said that she will need to resign from this board, effective immediately.    

Next MCOB Alumni Society meeting:  Tuesday, December 2 at 3 p.m. in the Alumni Center Board Room. 

Ball State Miller College of Business Alumni Society Meeting Minutes
May 13, 2014

Nora Bamman,Tammy Estep, Michelle Johnson, Morgan Lewis, Tim Pierce, Rajib Sanyal, Cory Spaulding, Laura Waldron. By phone: Ed Armantrout, Carl Davis, Kevin Dougherty, Karen Mangia.
Call to Order and Meeting Minutes Approval
Pierce called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m. It was noted that Lewis graduated in May and this was her last meeting as student representative. Spaulding made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 12, 2013 meeting. Following a second from Mangia, the minutes passed unanimously.

Alumni Council
Armantrout reported on the May 10 Alumni Council meeting. In January, the Council approved a matching gift challenge for the university’s $20 million Cardinal Commitment Campaign for athletic facilities and scholarships. The challenge encourages alumni giving by having the Alumni Association match gifts made by December 31, 2014 for up to $300,000. As of the meeting Saturday, $188,000 had been given.

Armantrout noted that a committee has been working on Bylaws revisions and one change would shrink the governing body to around fourteen members. The larger group (i.e., constituent societies) would expand. After much discussion, this change was not approved by the membership. There was also discussion about liability insurance. The next meeting is September 13, barring the need for a special meeting before then if the Bylaws have changes and additions to be discussed.

Dean’s Report
Sanyal noted that Commencement was two weeks ago – 305 students graduated and Michael Haley, president and CEO of IU BMH was the MCOB keynote. This was President Gora's last Commencement.

The college is pursuing a curriculum addition in business data analytics. There is not another undergraduate degree program in this area in Indiana. This is a niche MCOB plans to fill with a major in place in the fall.

Next year, MCOB will celebrate its 50 year anniversary. The college is eager to work with the board and alumni association to mark the year-long (July 2015-June 2016) anniversary celebration in a fitting manner and welcomes all suggestions. Suggestions from his office and other faculty include: making the 2015 Dialogue Days and Awards Day extra special; panel discussion – where the college is and where it will be in 50 years or 50 years looking back, 50 years looking forward; trip to the NYSE; collecting photos to create a walk down memory lane in the halls of MCOB; bringing emeriti back for Homecoming - possibly securing a suite; bringing in a speaker for a big lecture, a person who does not need an introduction and will get play in media. Bamman and Spaulding like the idea of a big speaker – tie in with Dialogue Days and increase alumni attendance.

Sanyal asked the board for their approval to use monies from the Neil Palomba Fund (a spendable recognition fund to bring speakers to campus). The college is looking to bring Marc Pritchard, global brand building officer for Procter and Gamble, to campus on October 31. The program is a smaller version of the Executive in Residence. Pritchard will give a large talk, meet with faculty, attend classes, and be recognized at a reception. Alumni are encouraged to attend the reception. Sanyal anticipates needing less than $2,000 to cover Pritchard's meals, hotel, plaque, and program advertisements.  Spaulding made a motion to approve up to $2,000 to bring Pritchard to campus. Following seconds from Bammann and Mangia, the board unanimously approved the fund usage.

Sanyal spoke with Julie Stroh regarding the Miller Mentors program. She has generated list of potential mentors within 50 miles of this region who have not previously been engaged with the program, but are involved with the university and are MCOB graduates. The college now has an additional pool of individuals to target in order to grow the mentorship program.  Pierce and Dougherty agreed to be a contact if new mentors wanted more information about the program and the experience. 

Sanyal stated that 30-35 students need mentors. It was noted that the college just admitted 15 new scholars, and recently graduated the third group of scholars. 

Estep added that the college is looking towards September for the Miller Mentor kick-off date.

Cardinal Business Forum – June 5 at the Ritz Charles
Spaulding reported that registration is underway for the Cardinal Business Forum. Dean Sanyal and Julie Stroh will give brief remarks, Cheri O'Neill will provide the keynote. Sanyal will mention the Miller Mentor program in his remarks.

Please sign up to attend, use social media and email to share the details with contacts - the committee wants another very successful year. On Twitter, follow @cardinalbiz. On Facebook, search Cardinal Business Forum. The event is $20 - $5 is gift to the MCOB Alumni Society. More moderators are needed, so please let Spaulding, Johnson, or Waldron know if you have suggestions. Pierce thanks Spaulding for all he does and confirms Spaulding will run the forum next year.

MCOB Awards – October 24, 2014 
Estep presented the slate for recipients of the Hall of Fame, Distinction, and Achievement Awards. Spaulding made a motion to approve the awards slate, Bammann seconded, and the motion passed unanimously by voice vote. After recipients are notified, the recipient names will be publicized.

There was discussion about increasing publicity for the awards dinner. Estep reminded the board that the IBJ ad is cost prohibitive. After discussion, it was decided that a post-event Alumnus ad to congratulate recipients and thank sponsors would be valuable. It was suggested that this promotion should be mentioned when securing sponsors. As a reminder, Pierce requested that the board be thinking of potential dinner sponsors. A sponsorship chair for the awards dinner is needed. (Note: after the meeting, Nora Bammann agreed to serve as chair)

Next meeting
The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 3, 2014 in the Alumni Center Board Room at 3:00 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.    

Respectfully submitted,
L. Waldron

Ball State University Miller College of Business Alumni Society 
Board of Directors Meeting
Ball State University Alumni Center
November 12, 2013

Ed Armantrout, Kevin Daugherty, Tammy Estep, Ray Ferguson, Todd Haines, Tracy Hendricks, Morgan Lewis, Tim Pierce, Sushil Sharma, Cory Spaulding, and Laura Waldron. Via Phone:  Mike Earley and Karen Mangia

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 3:06 p.m. by president Tim Pierce.  Laura Waldron has joined Tracy Hendricks as a liaison from the Alumni Association.

Minutes from the August 20, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved following a motion from Cory Spaulding and a second from Ray Ferguson.

Dean’s Report
Dean Sanyal was unable to attend the meeting and Sushil Sharma delivered the dean’s report on his behalf.  In university news, President Gora announced she will retire on June 30. There will be a closed search for her replacement, meaning candidates will not come to campus. Past events: The dean attended the Cardinal Networking Forum in Chicago on October 14. The 10th alumni awards dinner and program was a very successful and special evening for the college. Looking towards 2014, the dean requested the board’s assistance with identifying potential award recipients. MCOB news/events: The college offered a new major in logistics this fall. There are currently 91 faculty in the college, with enrollment at over 3,000 students. The Miller Mentors Program is still in need of mentors. Please submit the names of potential mentors to the dean’s office. Brochures were distributed to the board for the Distinguished Professor Lecture Series. The series begins Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. with a talk by Michael Goldsby, a reception follows. A brochure was also provided for the Executive-in-Residence program. Larry D. Riley, senior vice president and wealth advisor for Northern Trust, joins the college as executive-in-residence on November 20, 2013. The board was asked to spread the word about Dialogue Days, February 19 and 20, 2014. If the membership has speaker recommendations, please submit them to the dean’s office.  

Sharma reminded the board that the MCOB 50th anniversary is in 2015-16. The dean requested the board’s assistance in identifying national level speakers as part of the year-long ceremonies. After a brief discussion, Tammy Estep and Sharma agreed to update the board on ways they can assist with the anniversary.
Alumni Council
Ed Armantrout reported on the September 7, 2013 Alumni Council meeting. The council was updated on the athletics campaign and everyone was encouraged to spread the word about the campaign. The council is also working on updating the bylaws.  Armantrout reported that the next meeting is January 18, 2014.

Awards Dinner 2013
Pierce thanked Estep and the college for a great awards dinner. Estep thanked Nora Bammann and Michael Earley for presenting. There were around 200 guests in attendance. She added that it was unfortunate that the event had to be on a Saturday, but it couldn’t be helped. Sponsorships and donations were on par with other years and totaled $19,740. She thanked the board for a great job raising funds, and added that some monies will be rolled into Dialogue Days. Karen Mangia mentioned that one company donated after dinner and will be given recognition at Dialogue Days. In the spring, the college will work with University Development on the awards dinner fundraising process to ensure it is a coordinated effort.  Estep would also like to get an earlier start on award nominees and requested that the membership begin submitting nominations.

Cardinal Business Forum update
Cory Spaulding reported that preparations are well underway for the June 5, 2014 CBF. He asked the board to make plans to attend, as well as asked them to promote the event. Alumni attendees can be from any discipline and do not have to be from the MCOB. There is a need for a few more Indianapolis-area individuals to serve on the committee and for additional event moderators. The goal is to have 3-4 new moderators each year. Any suggestions can be sent directly to Spaulding.  

Spaulding reported that video was taken at last year’s CBF and will be edited for promotional use in 2014. Hendricks was informed by Michelle Johnson that rounds 1 and 2 are through the editing process. The videos will be used to promote the event on social media and via email.

A CBF survey was sent to both attendees and non-attendees. At least 50 have responded to the survey so far, and a reminder is scheduled to be sent. The committee is trying to gauge why the 35-50 year-old demographic isn’t well represented  at the event – is it the time of day? The location? Lack of event awareness? Once feedback is reviewed, the CBF committee will look at the event’s format.

Spaulding and Pierce attended the Chicago networking event in October. They did not pull anything away as far as altering the Indianapolis event, but it was good to connect with the Chicago alumni group. Pierce noted the CBF planning committee is still considering events in Fort Wayne (maybe 2015), followed by Cincinnati.  Spaulding and Pierce would like to engage Fort Wayne very soon, and hope to identify a volunteer to head up the event.  Hendricks agreed it is crucial to find an alumnus with the time and talent. She has worked with the northeastern alumni chapter and there is a lot of talent, but not a lot of time. This will take a unique individual.  Indianapolis has been so successful because of Larry Metzing’s commitment.  Spaulding suggested that he, Pierce, and Hendricks schedule a  meeting to discuss the specifics of a Fort Wayne CBF event and potential volunteers. Estep asked if someone from the Indianapolis alumni society might serve on the CBF committee to help the Fort Wayne event get underway. Mike Earley said there are two board members from Fort Wayne who could be part of committee.

Dialogue Days
Estep reported the college is ready to start recruiting speakers and planning Dialogue Days. She would love for all of the board to participate, particularly in the Wednesday reception.

Kevin Dougherty requested that a guideline of expectations be given to presenters and professors. Estep noted that the college does have this. Dougherty elaborated that the expectations could provide faculty with speaker biographies in advance. He always brings his when he speaks, but receiving the information in advance might generate more productive discussion. Armantrout said it is helpful for presenters to know something about the class when formulating their discussion points. For example, in a marketing class, not all the students are marketing majors. What is the class working on? Estep said that the college can encourage faculty to reach out to speakers as well. Some individuals have said there is a great benefit to faculty meeting a presenter prior to Dialogue Days and to having students submit questions in advance. She will continue to try to get that message across, especially to new faculty. Estep asked the board review the online guidelines and send her feedback in the next few weeks. As a reminder, the event is an exchange of ideas, not a formal presentation.

Estep requested that the board submit names of potential speakers to her and she will follow-up. In particular, the college is seeking speakers on business law and accounting (tough due to tax season).  Todd Haines said he can do a legal piece. Hendricks suggested Mark Ervin for business law.

Miller Mentors
Estep distributed Miller Mentors Program goals and expectations. She asked the group to review the document and submit feedback to her. This document will be mailed to mentors who are unable to attend the kick-off. Dougherty asked if a virtual kick-off was a possibility for those unable to attend in person. Estep suggested that the board share the expectations document with a potential mentor before sending their name to her.  Dougherty noted that once a name is submitted to the university, the alumnus should be contacted in a reasonable time frame. As a reminder, the program is still in need of at least 12 mentors.

Haines, mentor to Morgan Lewis, suggested that a Miller Mentor should have two or three students, versus being one-on-one. Lewis agreed and said that if a mentor meets with multiple students at one time, it might be a more productive experience for all. Estep said she will look into this. It was also suggested that the college consider holding off on assigning mentors until a student’s sophomore year. This is partially due to maturity and potential changes of major. Lewis and Mangia agreed that the mentor program might benefit from waiting to assign mentors. Lewis added that it gives students more time to develop an interest. There was also discussion about having one person communicate expectations to students and alumni, i.e., minimum expectations for emails, follow-up calls, etc.

In the next few weeks, Pierce will connect with Armantrout, Ferguson, Haines, and Mangia about their interest in remaining on the board. Their terms, and Pierce’s, are set to expire 12/31/13.   Pierce also addressed the need for additional members. Estep added that the board should look for diversity in gender, geography, MCOB degree, and profession. She emphasized that members should be willing to give their time and participate. This is a working board. She also encouraged the membership to review the bylaws for any potential updates prior to bringing on new members.

Next meeting
The next MCOB Alumni Society board of directors meeting will be on May 13, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. in the Alumni Center (please note this is a change from the original date). Committee meetings will occur in the meantime. Board membership nominations should be submitted to Pierce. Mentors and alumni award nominees should be submitted to Estep. The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
L. Waldron

Ball State University Alumni Association 
Miller College of Business Alumni Board of Directors
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Sikich Offices, Indianapolis 

Attendance:  Kevin Dougherty, Michael Earley, Tammy Estep, Ray Ferguson, Tracy Hendricks, Steve Imler, Morgan Lewis, Karen Mangia, Tim Pierce, Cory Spaulding, Rajib Sanyal, and Sue Taylor.

The meeting was called to order by President Tim Pierce at 3:10 p.m. Pierce welcomed new BSUAA liaison, Tracy Hendricks, and new student representative board member, Morgan Lewis. The board members then introduced themselves.

Pierce reported all Alumni Programs staff received new position responsibilities and Tracy Hendricks will be joining the board carrying forward the work of Sue Taylor and Michelle Johnson. Pierce and other board members thanked Taylor and Johnson (in her absence) for their years of service and support to the board.

A motion to approve the May 16, 2013, minutes was made by Spaulding, with a second by Earley, and unanimously approved.

Miller College Dean’s Report
Dean Sanyal reported the Higher Learning Commission would be on campus October 7 to 9 for Ball State’s accreditation visit. 

There are 142 new MCOB alumni with July’s graduating class and MCOB welcomed 13 new faculty this fall. Overall, enrollment numbers are down slightly, but stable. 

Elizabeth Hodges, Vice President for Brand Management at Chico’s, will be the Executive in Residence on September 26.

The college has converted the operations management major into “logistics and supply chain management” which started this fall. The curriculum was designed with practitioners’ assistance, and an internship will be a requirement for successful completion. 

MCOB Alumni Awards Dinner
Mangia updated the board on sponsorship progress for the event and let them know the goal this year was $25,000. The board was encouraged to send out invitations to their colleagues. 

Estep distributed a sponsorship opportunities document outlining the sponsorship levels. Board members were encouraged to contact potential sponsors and should work with Mangia, chair of the Alumni Dinner Sponsorships Committee. 

Cardinal Business Forum Recap
Spaulding reported it was another successful Cardinal Business Forum (CBF) and he was impressed with how smooth the process went. Taylor received several comments from participants that it was the strongest one yet, and thanked the board for their hard work. 

Spaulding said a survey would be sent to see what might be done to draw in alumni from the 35 to 45 age bracket where participation has been low. The planning group also discussed having the table rotation software code rewritten to rotate alumni according to industry. More discussion will take place on this issue. The committee also is discussing a time change in the event to overlap with the work day. This will be evaluated after the survey results are returned and tabulated.

A brief discussion ensued about hosting a Cardinal Business Forum in Fort Wayne in the future.

Pierce invited board members to the CBF in Chicago on October 15 to observe that event.

Miller Mentors
Dean Sanyal talked about tweaking the program on both the student side by preparing the students better for the mentorship relationship, and sending out expectations of mentors when they are assigned a student. They would also encourage the mentor to come to the first initial mentor reception.

Dougherty said we need to prepare the students when they should expect a call from the mentor. 

There was discussion as to whether students at the freshman level are mature enough to begin a mentor relationship.

Estep will send out the Mentor Program objectives and links to web information to the board.

Additional Items
The board thanked Michael Earley for his service to the board and Sue Taylor presented him with a plaque to recognize his dedicated service as president. 

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 12, at 3:00 p.m. at the Alumni Center.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:21 p.m.

Upcoming MCOB Alumni Board Events
• Homecoming, Saturday, October 12, 2013
• MCOB Alumni Awards Dinner, Saturday, October 26, 2013
• Dialogue Days, Wednesday and Thursday, February 19-20, 2014
• Indianapolis Cardinal Business Forum, Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ball State University Alumni Association
Miller College of Business Alumni Board of Directors
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Ball State University Alumni Center

Attendance: Ed Armantrout, Rebecca Baer, Michael Earley, Ray Ferguson, Michelle Johnson, Karen Mangia, Tim Pierce, Raj Sanyal, Sushil Sharma, Cory Spaulding, Sue Taylor, and Kevin Bergan and Steve Imler (via conference call). Guest: Tammy Estep

The meeting was called to order by President Michael Earley at 3:10 p.m.

Introductions were made of all board members in attendance, including those via conference call.

A motion to approve the November 1, 2012 minutes was made by Ferguson, a second by Baer, and unanimously approved.

Election of New Officers (slated) 2-yr terms to 12/31/14
Tim Pierce, President; Karen Mangia, Vice President; Ed Armantrout, Alumni Council Representative;
The board passed the slate unanimously.

Alumni Council updates (Council has not met since September)

Miller College Dean's report

Dean Sanyal indicated that the beginning of this spring semester is off to a quick start. The college is aggressively designing a new major in logistics. It is an emphasis of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. There will be faculty added in operations management and the major is expected to be implemented in the fall, 2013. There is an opportunity to engage a large group of alumni in that sector.

Michael Ray, CEO of Vera Bradley, a 1983 accounting grad, visited campus recently as an Executive in Residence. It was a great opportunity for students to meet and hear from him. Weston Smith will be on campus March 20 as part of the Speaker Series.

Several new support staff were hired in the college. Rebecca Baer, ‘99MBA05, was hired as the new MBA program director, with a focus to increase the MBA enrollment. She joins the staff in February.

The dean reported that the Indiana Commission on Higher Education, ICHE, has issued a cut to the funding formula for the university (one emphasis is to graduate students in four years). It is less of a cut than feared, but still a reduction in funding.

Sanyal said that there is still a need for seven more mentors for the Mentoring Program.

Dialogue Days

Estep mentioned the invitation has been sent via email. RSVPs were due at the end of January. There will be three panels again this year, and a reception from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday in the Student Lounge. The board was asked to stay and network during the lunch both Wednesday and Thursday.

Miller Mentors

Estep reported that a couple prospects have said they are interested and a few leads still need to be followed up. Mentor reception dates are being set as far in advance as possible so that it is convenient for the mentors. The next receptions are scheduled for September 26, 2013 and February 21, 2014.

Cardinal Business Forum

Baer mentioned it is approximately 5 months away. The grassroots committee is in place and plans are underway. The first save the date email will be sent in February. Recruiting attendees is of high priority for the committee and the board. Earley mentioned that someone needs to step up to be Baer's assistant this year and take the lead next year due to her new position at the Miller College. Another idea might be looking at some of those on the grassroots committee and maybe one of those members, if MCOB alumnus, could join this board.

Alumni Award Nominations

Estep reported that two nominations have been sent in. The nominations committee will meet in early April to discuss nominees.

Alumni Awards Dinner

Mangia thanked everyone who made the event happen. Record underwriting and included some new donors. Returning sponsors is always great but obtaining new ones and inspiring first time participation in that experience is of key importance. From a timing and logistics perspective everything went well other than the slowness of moving guests from the reception into the dinner.

Alumni Board Membership

Earley mentioned the need to get additional members who would be dedicated for a few years. We need to fill a few spots with some great alumni, who must also be donors.

New Business

Sanyal asked about another city for implementing the Cardinal Business Forum. Fort Wayne and Cincinnati are on the target. However, some business leaders in that area need to make a commitment and take on a leadership role before planning can begin, and dates will need to be coordinated with other Alumni Association commitments.

The board thanked and expressed their appreciation for Earley excellent leadership as president over the last three years.

Next Alumni Society meeting dates, locations

• Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – 3:00 p.m. in the Ball State Student Center Orr Room. Ramon Avila will speak from 5-7 in Cardinal Hall for Distinguished Professor Lecture Series.

• Thursday, June 6, 2013 – 3:00 p.m. at the Ritz Charles, Carmel, followed by Cardinal Business Forum

Upcoming MCOB Alumni Board Events

• Dialogue Days, Wed. & Thurs., February 20 and 21, 2013

• Alumni/Miller Mentor Reception, Thurs. February 21, 2013

• Indianapolis Cardinal Business Forum – Thursday, June 6, 2013, Ritz Charles, Carmel

Additional MCOB Spring Speakers and Events

• Wednesday, March 20, Speaker Series, Weston Smith Crossing the Line: An Insider's Story of the HealthSouth Fraud, Student Center Ballroom, 4–5 p.m. Smith is president, ChalkLine Solutions, Inc. and has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business Network. . (Underwritten by the Neil Palomba Fund)

• Thursday, March 28: Distinguished Professor Lecture Series, Michael Goldsby, Forum Room, Student Center, 5 – 7 p.m.

• Wednesday, April 24: Executive in Residence/Speaker Series, Jeff Fetters, Chairman, CEO, Federated Insurance

• Monday, April 29: Accounting Alumni Awards, Alumni Center, 6 – 9 p.m.

• Saturday, May 4: Spring Commencement, Emens Auditorium, 2:30 p.m.