Design Principle 6: Involve All Community Interests in the Life Cycle of the School

Pattern 6.0: “Just Do It,” Support Action Oriented Development
Beginning charrettes and participatory planning work done by architects, facility planners, and all stakeholders is integral to the community design of a charter school. By involving community leaders in the process of what the children learn, the children become more familiar with their community and what goes on around them on a daily basis.

Pattern 6.1: Provide an Open, Public Process
Charter schools, their partnering community engagement organizations, and community members must be open and honest with each other in order to build the trust that is essential to this process. Practice distributed leadership so that all community members and school leaders have a voice in the process.

Pattern 6.2: Continued Community Consultation
Community consultation and sustained involvement is a key feature to the success of charter schools. This consultation will help to focus the recommendations, develop the signature and vision statement for the school and help with the strategic planning needed to realize the ambitious goals that are set. Keep a community consultative committee in place to solicit input and analyze community issues and ideas. Continued community collaboration and involvement is critical to the sustained success of the school’s vision and life.