Spring 2012 Projects

Spring 2012

CASA - Volunteer Training and Recruitment Strategies for Court Appointed Special Advocates

The Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program in Delaware County needed strategies for increasing their volunteer base.  In its second semester of work for this community partner, a new project team worked to implement the volunteer recruitment, training and retention ideas put into motion by the previous Fellows project team.  This included the development of new training materials and a new volunteer support program.  Students organized and implemented a new Non-Advocate volunteer program as well.  They also produced marketing tools to strengthen the CASA program with a mix of digital technology and event planning ideas.  The team was also responsible for organizing and facilitating the inaugural fundraising event for the CASA Executive Committee which was a 5K Run/Walk.

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Charter Schools: Patterns of Innovation – A New Architecture for a New Education

Students from a variety of disciplines worked with selected charter schools in Indiana to research best practices and high performance school design.  Their goal was to develop ways to incorporate environmentally sustainable strategies into planning and design of charter school buildings.  This project consisted of developing solutions for both new construction and the adaptive reuse of existing buildings.  Students were also involved in traveling to the schools, interviewing charter school students and faculty, discussing and presenting ideas to school administration and board members, contributing to school profiles and examining curriculum, funding, and facility planning.

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Banking on a Better Economy

Part of a Miller College of Business Honors Program marketing class, this marketing research project team developed an annual survey for chief executive officers, presidents, and owners of small businesses in Indiana. Survey response data provided opinions concerning the conditions of the local, state and national economy and the impact on their operations. Those results were used to better understand the current state of small business and their owner’s perceptions of the future.  Students will administer it to small businesses in various industries throughout Indiana as well as compile and analyze the results to develop a formal report.


Henry County Heritage Cooperative; Making History and Culture Significant in our Local Communities

By developing a website and by producing a video series highlighting historic Henry County, students helped the Henry County Historical Society in its mission to educate the public and to promote the Society’s efforts. Student teams also helped raise awareness by promoting and initiating collaboration with other historical societies and museums in the county.


Henry County HomeTown Competitiveness School Survey

For the past several years, a group of Henry County leaders has participated in the Hometown Competitiveness Program (HTC) under the guidance of the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA).  The program is designed to stimulate economic and community betterment.  Now HTC will define the program with the help of new, local administrators and a Ball State student team.  Students learned from a consultation with emerging media experts on ways to best communicate with their partners through the research process.  The project was carried out as part of a research methods course.

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Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Interpretation and Technology Enhancement

Students were directly involved in expanding the interactive vision of one of Indianapolis' newest attractions, the nationally recognized Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.  The team designed various dimensional aspects for the museum that will bring the Hoosier author's work and life into sharp focus through video, audio and mobile interpretation.  The group was able to contact and interview the author's family and friends for a personal insight into one of America's most eccentric icons, which will be used to tell the story of Vonnegut through various media at the museum.

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Sustainability Reporting for Minnetrista Cultural Center

Students learned about living and working in a sustainable way while assessing their own environmental, economic, and social impact on their community as part of a sustainability report for Muncie's Minnetrista Cultural Center.  Undergraduates and graduates from a variety of majors acquired experience that puts their work on par with what has become mainstream reporting among the largest 250 companies in the world.

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Visit Indiana

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD) is continuing to partner with Ball State University to use high-definition video technology to highlight Indiana road trip ideas in a creative way.  Students are creating state-of-the-art, relevant content for and drive traffic to IOTD's consumer website,  The team will also showcase the partnership through public relations and social media to further generate awareness of Indiana travel opportunities.  The product will support the state's promotion of "Visit Indiana Week".

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