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Economic Impact and Input-Output Analysis

Input-output (IO) analysis is a very useful tool for a community to better understand its local economy. IO analysis can be used in a variety of ways, including providing a big picture overview of how each industry performs and how a single company can impact the economy. 

We can conduct a customized economic impact analysis at single county, multiregion, or national levels for you. The analysis can also be customized into very detailed industry sectors (up to six-digit NAICS code) in order to investigate how a new company can create a ripple (multiplier) effect in a local economy or the reverse if one is leaving the area.

A higher level of the IO analysis can be used to investigate changes in a region’s economic growth using the IO demand side decomposition method. This method allows us to examine the factors of growth from the demand side’s perspectives, including regional demand, external demand, the progress of import substitutions, and technological change. This kind of IO analysis can examine whether the promoted industries have actually performed well or not.

See an example of one of our economic impact analyses.
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