Emerging Leaders

Program Overview

Today's leaders are expected to demonstrate an increasing breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, lead through constant change, and manage increasing demands at a faster pace than ever before. Experts in the management field believe that cultivating and sustaining such leadership qualities in today's complex business environment is the key to survival. They expound on the fact that leadership development is a necessity no matter what the size of company.

Even though much of leadership development can be accomplished within the companies themselves, there is a growing demand for management education and training programs to be offered through universities. Yet these programs must result in immediate actions that leaders can take to improve company performance. To help accomplish this, Ball State University's Building Better Communities (BBC) has designed this leadership program that is based on real business issues and strategic initiatives while incorporating some theoretical, but proven management concepts.

This program was developed in part with a group of executives and training directors from Indiana companies. These individuals identified the key competencies required of a leader and defined the audience for this program as those managers or leaders who will be leading their companies in three to five years. We call them "emerging leaders." It is a program that can help to transform a functional manager into an organizational leader.

This 36-hour program covers a unique set of leadership skills, focusing on strategic thinking, the people side of change, personal awareness and growth, the importance of developing and mentoring your employees, enhancing client relationships, and managing innovation.


This program is designed for those individuals who:
  • are deemed high-potential employees who will be leading their organizations in three to five years;
  • hold mid- to upper-level management or executive positions;
  • earned a degree five or more years ago (or have the equivalent work experience) and wish to update their knowledge base; and/or
  • have a liberal arts, engineering, and/or technical background and want to develop an integrated view of business operations.

Learning Objectives
Our approach to learning is to provide a select faculty with good teaching skills and expertise in the adult learner environment. The instructors will show you as a participant how to make sense of your own experiences. They will draw on your experiences to demonstrate how you can turn your knowledge into concrete, practical, action-oriented strategies.

Courses will include interactive discussions, lectures, self-assessment tools, background readings, and case study exercises. Pre-course work may be assigned.

Program Agenda

For more information on bringing this program into your business, please contact Delaina Boyd.

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