Open your Cardinal Cash Account today! Log onto your eBill account to access the Terms & Conditions for Cardinal Cash, and make a deposit to your Cardinal Cash balance.  The initial deposit must be at least $25.  For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions.

Cardinal Cash acts like a pre-paid debit card and is accepted at various locations on campus:

  • All Ball State Dining Locations
  • Ball State Bookstore in AJ Building
  • Technology Store in Bracken Library
  • All events at Emens
  • Sporting Events at the football stadium and Worthen Arena
  • Pharmacy in the Health Center
  • Laundry facilities in selected locations

Other advantages of Cardinal Cash are:

  • Convenience: Use your BSU ID to access your Cardinal Cash account. Each time you use your account, the remaining balance will be noted.
  • Flexibility: Your Cardinal Cash account allows you to make a wide variety of necessary or unplanned last-minute purchases on Ball State's campus.
  • Security: Your Cardinal Cash account is safer than cash. If you lose your ID, report it to the Bursar's Office or University Dining, then no one can misuse your account.

Common Questions About Cardinal Cash:

Is there a charge to use the Cardinal Cash account? The Cardinal Cash account is free, with no finance or user fees.

Who is eligible? Ball State University students, faculty, and staff who have a BSU ID are eligible to apply for a Cardinal Cash account.

Can I take cash out? You can make only deposits to your Cardinal Cash account. Ordinarily, requests for refunds may be made at the end of each term.

Do I earn interest? Your Cardinal Cash account does not earn any interest.

How can I keep track of my transactions? Each time you use your account, the remaining balance will be noted on your receipt. A statement of your Cardinal Cash activity is also available upon request through the Bursar's Office.

How do I close my Cardinal Cash account? A Cardinal Cash account can only be closed at the end of a semester. To close the account and request a refund, you may submit a Request To Close Cardinal Cash Account (PDF). Refunds will first be applied to other amounts owed the university and a check for the balance will be mailed within ten (10) business days of when the account is closed. No cash or partial refunds will be made. A processing fee of the lesser of $10 or the account balance will be assessed for refunds.

How do I make additional deposits to my Cardinal Cash account? You may make online ACH or credit card payments through your eBill account.  We also accept deposits (cash, check or money order) in person at the Bursar’s Office, or by mail with a note directing the payment to the student’s Cardinal Cash account.  Mail your deposit to: Office of Bursar and Loan Administration, Lucina Room B32, Muncie, IN 47306-0725