A credit balance may exist on your account for a number of reasons. You may have had a reduction of charges, made an overpayment, or have been credited for a housing deposit. Regardless of the reason a credit balance exists, you must contact the Bursar’s office at bursar@bsu.edu or call 765-285-1643, identify yourself, and request the refund.  A direct deposit or check will be issued for the amount of the eligible credit balance. If you are registered for direct deposit of refunds, the funds will be deposited into your specified bank account.  If by check, the check will be sent to the mailing address set up in my.bsu.edu. Please note, if the overpayment was created by an ACH or check payment, there is a 2-week clearing period that must be satisfied before the refund can be released. If the credit balance is a result of a credit card payment, the overpayment will go back as a credit on your credit card account.

If you have not signed up for direct deposit of funds, learn more here

As a parent, if you have applied for a Parent PLUS Loan, and you would like for the refund to go to you instead of to your student, there is not a direct deposit option available.  Any Parent PLUS refund will be mailed by check to the mailing address on the loan application.