Billing statements are available online through eBill for your tuition, housing, and other fees. An email notification will be sent to Students and Authorized Payer(s) when the billing statement is ready to view but if you happen to miss it, you can always go to eBill to view the most current statement. Click here for instructions on viewing your online eBill Statement. If you are not enrolled and do not have an active BSU e-mail account, bursar statements are mailed to your home address.

If you register anytime after the 1st billing of the semester, then you can view your tuition fees on the Current Activity Detail link of eBill. An eBill statement will not be generated until the next billing cycle; however, you are still responsible for paying the tuition and fees by the Due Date.

 All payments are due the first of every month**. 

Due Dates

Dates are subject to change.

** Any applicable tuition and fee expenses for your program will be billed during the semester the program is taking place. Please refer to your eBill for due dates and balances.  

The Bursar's Office bills Study Abroad and Field Study program fees in advance of departure to allow an opportunity to make payments on the program. Study Abroad program fees are due in full prior to your departure. The tuition and fees relating to the field study are billed closer to the semester and are due by the due date on the Ball State University Student eBill.