n. rules governing socially acceptable behavior

These vignettes are designed to help students develop social skills for workplace dining, whether it is on the job with colleagues/supervisor or as part of an interview. The goal of this unit of instruction is to acquaint students with the proper use of the utensils most commonly used when dining. Demonstrating proper manners at the table is a sign of confidence and respect. Worksheets and tests are included.

The vignettes and length of time (minutes:seconds) are listed below.

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Bonus Vignettes


Students will be able to:

  1. Identify the five locations of the dinner napkin throughout the meal.
  2. Demonstrate the proper use of the dinner napkin.
  3. Demonstrate the proper placement of the beverage glasses.
  4. Demonstrate proper passing of food, seasonings, and other center-table items.
  5. Demonstrate American and Continental use of utensils while eating.
  6. Arrange a place setting properly.
  7. Demonstrate the proper use of the dessert utensils and explain their placement on the table.
  8. Explain appropriate attire for work.
  9. Identify appropriate and inappropriate topics for conversation at the dinner table and when it is appropriate to talk business.
  10. Explain appropriate use of cell phone and texting while dining.

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