Developing your brand is similar to dressing up for a dinner with family or going out on a date. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb with the pink ‘80s sweater and plaid pants; you want to look presentable. Similarly, you want your presence to match you, your goals, and accomplishments. Branding is essential to career advancement because it helps define who you are, what makes you great, and why you should be sought as a potential employee. Branding is your reputation. Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart from others, and describing the added value you can bring to a situation. 

Here are some ways to build your brand:

  • Gain Experience and Track Accomplishments. Your accomplishments and experience are the foundation of your career.
  • Continue Your Education and Training. Continuing your education or training is necessary to start a career and provides you with the skills you need.
  • Promote Yourself. You don’t want to brag but you want to promote your accomplishments, respectively, and the best ways to promote yourself is through your résumé . List all your accomplishments, skills, education, and past jobs.
  • Become an Expert. You want people to come to you for the answers. Start by creating a blog to show off your knowledge that pertains to your career. To become an expert become a “sponge,” learn as much as you can and retain it.
  • Build Relationships. Relationships and brands go hand in hand. Building your brand needs to start with building relationships with colleagues, friends, and people in your field. Relationships are important and can lead to your next job.