Employment-related misunderstandings or misinterpretations of student employment policies, procedures, or work practices can usually be resolved with your immediate supervisor. When such is not the case, a formal complaint procedure is available. However, be certain that you have done the following before initiating a formal complaint:

  • Meet with your immediate supervisor as soon as possible to identify and discuss the problem.
  • If the problem is not resolved, take the matter to the next management level and request further action.

If the problem is remains unresolved, you may request an appointment with a Career Center student employment representative who will work with you and your department to resolve the problem. To request an appointment, contact the Career Center at 285-5634.

Complaints about discrimination because of race, religion, color, sex (except where sex is a bona fide occupational qualification), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, age, or citizenship (for U.S. citizens and protected lawfully admitted aliens) should be submitted to the Office of University Compliance, AD 335, 765-285-5162.