Your supervisor will establish work expectations and guidelines that are specific to the department and the job you are performing. As a student employee, you are also expected to comply with the following general responsibilities:

  • Your most important responsibility is to work hard and perform duties to the expectations of your supervisor.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of your job.
  • Report to work on time and work your scheduled hours.
  • Monitor your hours to insure your compliance to university policies.
  • Contact your supervisor ASAP in the event of illness, absence, or tardiness.
  • Dress according to the recommendations of your supervisor. Individual departments may specify dress guidelines when necessary to meet health regulations or to conduct the activities of the area.
  • Handle confidential information about the university, faculty, staff, or students, if applicable, as one of your most serious responsibilities. You should not release this kind of information to anyone without your supervisor's permission.
  • Request evaluations of your work and ask your supervisor for copies of any written reviews.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit and Employee Self Serve by visiting Payroll's Website.
  • Provide sufficient notice to your supervisor (preferably two weeks) if you decide to leave your job for any reason.

All students at Ball State University, including student employees, are expected to comply with the standards of conduct set forth in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. This document is available from the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services or in the annual Calendar of Events Handbook published by the Student Center.