It is important that you read this information thoroughly.  

All campus student employment is coordinated through the Career Center. To be eligible for employment, students must be currently working toward a Ball State degree and satisfy additional eligibility conditions.  If you are a new student beginning your first classes at Ball State in the fall, you may be able to work the preceding summer. 

Cardinal Career Link (CCL) lists hundreds of employment opportunities, including:

  • all on-campus part-time jobs (possibly full-time during summer)
  • available off-campus Federal Work Study-Community Service part-time jobs
  • a variety of on-campus internship and fellowship programs
  • on-campus graduate assistantships
  • off-campus part-time, internships, and full-time employment

Applying for Campus Jobs

You may apply for campus jobs by creating an account in Cardinal Career Link.  You will need your valid BSU username and password to access CCL and agree to the Cardinal Career Link conditions for use.  Make sure you understand the agreement before continuing the process.  The agreement includes conditions, under which, campus jobs are administrated.

To be academically eligible, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours if you are an undergraduate or 5 hours if you are a graduate student.

If you are a graduate assistant, doctoral assistant, resident assistant, student athlete, or international student, contact the Career Center to find out what additional forms you may need.

All student job vacancies are posted on Cardinal Career Link on the World Wide Web and are accessible to students with a CCL account on any computer with Web access.

Review the job listings carefully, including the job description, required qualifications, and the days and times of the job.

Write down the job-vacancy numbers of the positions that interest you.

Only students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study (a form of financial aid) are eligible to apply for positions listed for work-study students (FWS) only on Cardinal Career Link. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, 765-285-5600, Lucina Hall 245, to find out whether you are eligible for this type of financial aid.

After selecting jobs in which you are interested, come to the Career Center to get job referrals.  Job referrals contain contact information for the various campus employers.

Students that are unable to visit the Career Center to obtain job referrals due to special circumstances may be granted special accommodations.

Interviewing with the Hiring Department

  • After receiving a referral, contact the hiring department as specified on the referral. If you get an interview,
  • Understand that a campus job is to be treated like a post collegiate job.
  • Do some research on the department and its role on campus.
  • Be prepared to discuss any previous work or volunteer experiences you have had.
  • Dress appropriately and be on time for your interview.
  • Take both your class schedule and referral form to the interview.
  • The referral form shows the department that you are eligible to work on campus.

After Your Interview:

  • Be sure to thank interviewers for their time and consideration.
  • If you have not heard from the department within a week of the interview (or the deadline specified by the department), call and ask if a decision has been made.
  • If you get the job, be sure to read the guidelines and policies available on line.
  • If you do not get the job, don't give up. Look for other jobs on Cardinal Career Link and go to the Career Center for more referrals.

After you are hired, it will be necessary for you to complete all relevant paperwork, including the Federal I-9 Eligibility form, Direct Deposit form, State and Federal Withholding forms, Confidentiality Agreement, and other related forms.  It will be necessary for you to show documents to verify your eligibility to work in the United States. A list of acceptable documents is available at the Career Center or on the World Wide Web.

For help with your job search, visit Career Center Resources available in Lucina Hall,  220 for information on interview techniques, résumé writing and career coaching. You may also want to attend one of our daily drop-in advising sessions.

The Career Management Action Plan

Student employment can be the first step in your career development at Ball State. The Career Center has designed the Career Management Action Plan to guide you step-by-step through the career development process, from making good career choices to conducting a successful job search. The Career Management Action Plan outlines available Ball State programs and services you need to be successful and is available to you on-line.