Centralized Student Employment Policies and Procedures for Employers and Supervisors

The following information is provided by the Career Center. Included are policy statements approved by the Ball State University officers on April 25, 1977, or later, and regularly updated employment procedures. There are also suggestions and information to help you work with student employees.

The Career Center is responsible for all of the job postings, applications, eligibility interviews, referrals, and authorizations associated with on-campus student employment at Ball State University. The office is in Lucina Hall 220; the phone number is 285-5634.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships assesses each student's financial need and determines who is eligible for  Federal Work-Study jobs. Although all employment is coordinated through the Career Center, questions about eligibility for the Federal and State Work-Study programs and earnings limits are answered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, LU 245, 285-5600.

These policies and procedures apply only to student employees of the university including students hired through the university serving in Federal Work Study community-service positions.  In some cases, only summaries of the university policies and procedures have been included; consequently, the texts of official policies and procedures shall govern in all cases. No employees of Ball State University, other than the president and vice presidents, have any authority to enter into any agreement for employment contrary to the official university employment policies and procedures. The university's policies, benefits, rules, and regulations are subject to change by the university without notice.

The procedures for employing students must be followed precisely to avoid possible violations of federal laws and university policies. Please call the Career Center, 285-5634, with any questions you have about student employment.

Federal Restrictions

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires all students to show proof of employment eligibility. Ball State requires that all students show proof of eligibility upon being hired to on-campus positions. If a student works without showing accepted proof to the Career Center, the university will be violating a federal law and will be at risk of a $1,000 fine. A list of qualifying documents which can be used to show proof of eligibility for the purpose of completing the Federal I-9 Eligibility Verification Document is available on the Career Center Web site.