You may initiate longevity/merit increases for students who have earned them by policy or by continuous service based upon your department's policy and budgetary constraints.  Decisions regarding the issuance of such increases remain with the issuing department.  Increases are, however, limited to 5¢ increments with a maximum of 25¢, restricted to only once per student per semester, and should coincide with the beginning of a given pay period.

Navigate to Self Serve Banner and, after entering your log on ID and password:
        select "Employee" and, from the Employee Main Menu, "Electronic Personnel Action Forms."
Click on, "New EPAF."

Enter:    Student ID Number
                Query (effective) Date > Submit the actual date you want (format: MM/DD/YYYY)
                        Increases may only be implemented, at the earliest, at the beginning of the next
                            pay period.
                Approval Category > Select Category "Student - Change Base Pay, STU201."
    Click, "GO"

Job Information - Hourly - NBAJOBS, JOBHRL
    Select the position to which you wish to make the change by clicking on the "radio" button on
                the right end of the position's line under, "Select."
        If the student has only one position, only one position will be listed; select that position.
        If the student has more than one position, be careful to select the appropriate position.
    Click, "GO"

Job Information - Hourly - NBAJOBS
Enter:    Job Begin Date will remain blank (not enterable)
                PAF Effective Date > Enter Query (effective) date.
                Personnel Date > Enter Query (effective) date.
                Job Type (P,S,O) should default and agree with that under "Current Value."
                Hourly Rate > Current Value + Increase (5¢ to 25¢, in 5¢ increments).
                Shift > Value should default and agree with that under "Current Value."
                Job Status will default to, "A," for Active (not enterable).
                Job Change Reason will default to, "SALAF," (not enterable).
                Supervisor ID > supervisor's 9-digit number, may be same as under "Current Value."      

Routing Queue
    First listed approval:
            140 - (STMPOF) Student Employment Office
                User name, select from the drop-down menu
                Required Action, "Approve" is defaulted
    Next listed approval:
            900 - (PAYRLL) Payroll
                User Name, select from the drop-down menu
                Required Action, "Apply" is defaulted
    Additional approval levels may be added, if necessary, by departmental protocol
                or Contracts and Grants.
            If the fund number in the Labor Distribution begins with the number "2," the
                approval routing must have a "500" level (Contracts and Grants) approve.
            Departments are responsible for this information.  If these criteria are not met,
                the EPAF will be returned to the department for correction.

        Usually, comments are optional, however, in the case of longevity/merit increases, please
                comment on the justification for this increase.

Click, "Save," and review the information for accuracy.

Click, "Submit:
        If there are any errors, a message will appear at the top of the page with instructions regarding
            any required corrections.  Once errors are corrected, click, "Save," before submission or
            erroneous EPAF will be resubmitted. 

        If you need help identifying the error message or its intent, contact the Student Employment
            Coordinator at 285-2432.

        If no errors are indicated, the EPAF will be on its way to the next person listed for approval or