To renew or reactivate students who have previously worked in a position, it is necessary to complete an STU110 EPAF.  In an effort to reduce the number of EPAFs in the system, this function has been combined with the hiring of hourly student employees.  students who have been hired without a predetermined end of assignment date will not have to be rehired.  Students, who have been working under a Federal Work Study award, should have their assignments end with the end of the academic year as FWS does not extend into the summer.

Special note regarding Federal Work Study students and summer renewal:
Students with a Federal Work Study position (those beginning with an "8", i.e.: 889123) cannot work that position during the summer.  Federal Work Study is not in force during the summer term.  It may resume in the Fall but students must be requalified each academic year.  Therefore, any student working during the summer months, must be placed on a non-FWS position number (i.e.: 999123) for the summer using an STU100 EPAF with an equivalent position number.  Please contact the Student Employment Coordinator, if the position number is unknown.

    To enter displaced or non-active students, follow the steps for the STU110 EPAF.

    If the student has previously worked this position, a date will appear under "Current Value," next to "Job Begin Date."  This will prevent the EPAF from submitting.  Review the Job Information/Job Begin Date, and change the New Value to match the Current Value.
    If you do not take this step, you will receive an Error Message stating, "*ERROR* Begin Date must equal the first Jobs Detail Effective Date."  The same error message may be indicated up to four times.  If this happens, review the Job Information/Job Begin Date, and change the New Value to match the Current Value.  This will likely be the only change necessary to successfully submit the EPAF.  If it is not, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator.

    You should receive a message indicating the EPAF was successfully submitted.