These steps will be used by departments to terminate student employees.  This should be a simple operation but, if preconditions exist, may require an additional step.

Navigate to Self Service Banner and, after entering your log on ID and password: 
        Select "Employee" and, from the Employee Main Menu, "Electronic Personnel Action Forms."
Click on, "New EPAF"

Enter:   Student ID Number; Name should appear once you tab to the Query Date field.
            Query (effective) Date > Submit the actual date you want to terminate the student (MM/DD/YYYY)
            Approval Category >  Select Category (Administrative - End of Job Assignment, ADM400).
    Click, "GO"

End a Job Assignment, TRMJB3
Select terminable position from list below the empty fields by clicking on the "Select" button
            on the far right side of the position list.  If the student has more than one position, 
            each will appear in the list.  Please be sure to select the appropriate position from 
            which you want to terminate the student.
    Click, "GO"

End a job assignment, Student Employee
Enter:    PAF Effective Date > Should be the actual date you want to terminate the student (MM/DD/YYYY)
            Personnel Date > Should be the same date as the PAF Effective Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
            Job Change Reason, defaulted to "ENDJB, End of Job Assignment"
            Job Status, defaulted to "T" for "Terminated)

Routing Queue
    First listed approval 
        890 - (HRFYI) Human Resources FYI
            User Name > select "Knox, John R" from drop-down menu
            Required Action, defaulted to "FYI"
    Next listed approval
        900 - (PAYRLL) Payroll
              User Name > select from drop-down menu
              Required Action, defaulted to "Apply"
    Additional approval levels may be added, if necessary, such as departmental hierarchy
        or Contracts and Grants.

    May be added if necessary or required by department

    Click, "Save"
        Review the information for accuracy

    Click, "Submit"
        If there are any errors, a message will appear at the top of the page with instructions
            regarding any required corrections.

Additional step (if necessary)
***   The most common termination errors read:
            *ERROR*  The future dated Job record must be deleted before ending Job," and 
            *WARNING* Future changes exist - starting on (e.g.) 06-MAY-2017." 

        You may receive one or both error messages.  IF YOU RECEIVE EITHER OR 
            BOTH MESSAGES: send an e-mail to the Office of Payroll and Employee
    Benefits requesting the existing termination date be removed.
    Include the following information:
                Student Name
                Student ID #
                Position #
        This information is available to you on the page containing the error message.
        Save the document and, once Payroll has removed the existing date conflict, you may
reopen the transaction and resubmit it.

    If you need help identifying the error message or its intent, contact the Student Employment
            Coordinator at 285-2432.

    If no errors are indicated, the EPAF will be on its way to the next person listed for approval
            or application.

***  As we engage the "Rolling Termination Procedure," this step will become less necessary.
        However, some positions will always have a predetermined termination date, such as,
            students with Federal Work Study assignments or students being paid by stipends.