Students with graduate or doctoral assistant assignments may accept additional part-time campus employment, up to a maximum of 9 hours during their assistantship only with prior approval from the department where they are employed as an assistant and the Graduate School.  Students with a partial, or 10 hour, assistantship are also limited to 9 additional hours of supplemental student employment.  Approval may be obtained through the Additional Employment Form for graduate assistants.

Adding Hours
Adding to Payroll
Wage Rates
End of GA Contract

Permission :

  • A student employed as a graduate assistant may work additional on-campus hours as a regular student employee provided permission is obtained through appropriate channels using the Additional Employment Form for GA's.
  • If the position for which they are applying is a “regular” student job, it is necessary to post the position and go through the regular referral process in addition to obtaining additional approval from the Graduate office.
  • A letter or e-mail must be on file with the Career Center before they can receive referrals to campus jobs.
    The letter should originate from their home department and must also carry the approval of the assistant dean of the Graduate School.
  • In the event these students are approved to work hours in addition to their assistantship, they will generally be limited to an additional 9 (nine) hours/week per the guidelines established by the Graduate Office.

Adding Hours :

  • Within the Same Department
    If the student is hired to work additional hours in the same department where he or she is a graduate assistant, the position does not have to be posted on Cardinal ViewJobs nor does the student need to get a referral from the Career Center. The student may be input into the Banner system using a standard STU1OO EPAF.  If the position pays in excess of $9.00/hr., and S4 E-Class position number must be used.
  • In Another Department
    Students wanting to work in departments other than those in which they have their assistantships must first receive written permission from their supervising department chairs or directors and from the Graduate School. In addition, the jobs for which they are applying must be posted on Cardinal Career Link and the students must get referrals from the Career Center.

Adding to Payroll:

Use the STU1OO EPAF to add the student to student payroll when hired. If the position pays in excess of $9.00/hr., an S4 E-Class position number must be used.  If you have any questions regarding the process, contact the Student Employment Office (285-2432) rather than the Graduate School office for questions regarding supplemental employment.


Students on graduate payroll submit a bi-weekly "Individual Absence" report (Form B-77) for their Graduate Assistantship. Students working supplemental student employment jobs enter the hours worked in Kronos either through the web or though time clocks. The time periods and submission deadlines are the same as for regular student payroll dates and both procedures for timekeeping must be employed.

Wage Rates :   

Wages for graduate students working supplemental student jobs are subject to the same wage restrictions imposed by that job for any student working in that position.  The minimum wage is $7.25/hr. as determined by the federal government and the maximum is $9.00/hr. as determined by the BSU Board of Trustees.  However, for positions posted as “graduate” positions, the maximum is the hourly equivalent to the prevailing annual stipend for the hiring department.  For example, if the stipend is $8,025 per year, the hourly rate is $12.53.  This equates to $8,025 / 640 (160 days with 4 hours a day in the academic year) = $12.539062.  Round down so the total amount allotted is not exceeded.

End of Graduate Assistantship Contract :

Please note that when an employee's graduate assistantship contract ends, supplemental assignments do not necessarily. If you want to retain a graduate student in a regular student employment position after his or her graduate contract ends, you should review the student's employment status to insure the student remains in Banner.  You may check with the Student Employment office (285-2432) for verification or consult your Kronos roster.

If you have any questions about this process, contact the Student Employment Coordinator at 285-2432.