Student assignments may be terminated for several different reasons; graduation, resignation, enrolled less than half time, academic disqualification, etc.  Whenever possible, the Career Center will inform supervisors if student assignments need to be terminated due to less than half enrollment or academic disqualification.  The Career Center may not be aware if the student is no longer working due to other circumstances such as resignation or graduation.

Each department or hiring unit is responsible for keeping current employment records and notifying the Career Center of any changes.

You will be required to remove student assignments if students are not enrolled for the required number of hours (6 hours, undergraduate; 5 hours, graduate), become academically ineligible, or if they violate other employment policies. Students with limits because of athletic scholarships will also be removed from your payroll when they have reached their earnings limits. Students receiving Federal Work-Study money will will have to be manually switched to "regular" payroll assignments (Banner position number beginning with "99XXXX") when they have earned their limits.  Foreign nationals may be limited in their employment due to terms of their visa status which may require their assignments to be terminated.

Student assignments entered with a Federal Work Study Banner position number should be scheduled for termination at the end of the academic year (this year should be 05/06/2017).  Please see the instructions for the STU110 EPAF for further information.

Complete an online Banner Electronic Personnel Action Form, available through Banner Employee Self Serve, to remove a student assignment from payroll when he, or she, no longer works for you.

Steps for completion of Student Employment Authorization forms can be found at Help with EPAFs.