Student Pay Periods
Automatic Drop Date
Wage Distribution
Base Wage Rate Increases
Longevity Increases  

You can receive notice of student employment related matters through the Communications Center by going to your account management site, and clicking on Manage my subscriptions.  Log in, and activate Career Development > For Faculty and Staff.

Student Pay Periods

  • Student payroll coincides with the university bi-weekly payroll. The Kronos "sign-off" for student payroll is due at noon on the Monday after the close of the pay period, just as it is for the regular biweekly staff. The Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits has a payroll schedule published on its Web site.
  • Graduate assistants, undergraduate fellows, residence hall assistants, and other student employees paid on a stipend basis also receive their disbursements biweekly. Through the academic year, graduate assistants working additional student jobs use Kronos time clocks or web log-in to record their student job hours. They also complete attendance exception reports for their stipends and submit them biweekly.

Automatic Drop Date

  • Automatic Drop Dates are no longer used.  Unless specified on the STU-110, Student New Hire form, students' employment will continue until they are terminated with an STU-400, Student Termination form.
  • At the beginning and end of the academic year and significant periods throughout the year, students not reporting hours for three consecutive pay periods may be dropped from payroll. This operation will most likely be processed when a significant number of students are recognized as being on payroll but not actually working and at times when Kronos licenses are running out.  We strongly encourage you to use EPAF STU-400 to drop students who are not currently working and who are not expected to return for the next academic period. This will also make your reviews easier when "signing off" on your student payroll.

Wage Distribution

  • Student wages are direct deposited into their bank accounts.
  • The Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits recommends that students complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form before starting work and drop it off at either the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits or the Career Center.  
  • Students will need their banking information (routing number and account number) to complete the direct deposit form.
  • Student employee payroll information is available through Self Serve Banner so they can review their payroll information.

For additional information, visit the website for the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits.

Base Wage Rate Increases

If your department determines that a position, because of the level of expertise or responsibility involved, should be paid at a rate higher than the minimum, you may petition your department hierarchy to increase the wage rate.  The rate cannot exceed $9.00 an hour. This is a two-step process provided the position in question is already assigned to a student employee.

Step 1: 

  • Complete a Student Employment Change in Base Wage Request form.
  • Include a statement of justification.
  • Have the form signed by authorized personnel.
  • Forward the signed form to the student employment coordinator in the Career Center.
  • The student employment coordinator will change the database to reflect the increased hourly wage.

Once the database has been changed, move on to:

Step 2:

Log on to Banner Self Serve > Employee Personnel Action Forms (EPAF)

  • Supervisors, or their designee, submit "Base Wage Rate Increase" Student Employment Authorization forms for each student incumbent in a position for whom a change in base rate applies.
  • Wage rates above the $7.25 an hour campus minimum must be approved by the appropriate department head, dean, and vice president.
  • Requests for higher wage rates for positions in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and Enrollment Services must be accompanied by a statement of justification and job description.
  • You may make changes in base rates of pay at any time during the year.
  • You will be notified by the Career Center once the approval has reached the student employment office.

Longevity Increases

  • Increases based upon longevity may be awarded at the beginning of each academic term. 
  • No more than one increase may be awarded per semester. 
  • Increases may be submitted through Banner Self Serve Employee Personnel Action Forms (EPAF STU-201) with final approval through the Career Center (140 - Student Employment) before application.
  • Effective Date should be at the beginning of the pay period following the current pay period and may be in 5¢ increments, not to exceed 25¢.
  • Please remember that the Board of Trustees set $9.00 an hour as the maximum hourly pay rate for regular student employment positions, including all longevity increases.
  • If you want to submit both a base rate change and a longevity increase, do not submit the longevity request until after the effective date for the base rate change.
  • Wage increases will be reflected in the next eligible payroll period.

Longevity increases may be included on an STU-110 EPAF if you are renewing a student rather than performing two separate EPAFs.  Please make a note in the comment section of the EPAF.


If you have questions about pay periods, paycheck distribution, or Kronos issues, contact the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits at 285-8461 (payroll&

If you have questions about the minimum wage, student employment renewals, base wage rate or longevity increases, or the automatic drop date, contact John Knox at 285-2432 (