Here, you will find the tools you will need to create and post jobs, add students to payroll, update student employment information, and manage student employees.

Procedures for Campus Departments

  • Post the job.
    • To post a new job (one that has never been posted with the Career Center), complete a Student Employment Vacancy Form, obtain the appropriate signature(s), and send it to the Career Center.
    • To repost an existing job (one that is on file with the Career Center), call the Career Center at 285-2440 or e-mail
  • Interview interested students who are referred to you by the Career Center.
  • Select your student employee.
  • Call 285-2440 or e-mail to cancel the job posting.
  • Notify applicants who were not hired so they can continue to look for other opportunities.
  • Add the student to payroll using the appropriate EPAF (STU-1OO or STU-115) or send referral form to the person who is authorized to do so.
  • Students will track the hours they work on the Web site or on a time clock.
  • If there are corrections or changes that need to be made on a student’s time card, notify your administrative coordinator or the student employment coordinator.
  • When the student employee no longer works for you, either terminate using an ADM-400 EPAF or send an e-mail requesting your administrative coordinator to perform the operation.

General Information

  • All on-campus student employment vacancies must be listed with the Career Center. Notify the Career Center of vacancies as soon as possible so that they can be posted on Cardinal Career Link.
  • If your job posting is received at least one hour before closing, it can usually be posted the next work day.
  • Post your job with the Career Center before displaying any advertisements or notifying any students. You should mention the job-posting number and instruct students to get referrals from the Career Center before they contact you for interviews.
  • Do not start the interview process or promise employment until students have given you referrals from the Career Center. The referral confirms that the student has academic eligibility and is also eligible to work for the university and in the United States.
  • Students can work up to 20 hours a week or 40 hours during a two-week pay period while classes are in session. During university-recognized breaks and during the summer, the student can work up to 8 hours a day, not to exceed 40 hours a week.
  • The minimum rate of pay for student jobs is $7.25 an hour as established by the Board of Trustees. The established maximum wage rate is $9.00 an hour.
  • Faculty members who receive research grants and who want to hire students should follow the normal procedures for posting positions. Remember, wages must follow guidelines established by the Board of Trustees.

If you have any questions about student employment, please contact the Career Center.

John Knox (E-mail:     285-2432
Student Employment Coordinator—Career Center

To post an on-campus student job or cancel a job posting
(E-mail:      285-2440

General Information, Lucina Hall 220:  285-5634
Fax:  285-3757

To review your on-campus student job posting, contact the Student Employment Coordinator for an image of your post. 

To access EPAFs, log on to Banner Self Service

For more information about student employment policies and procedures at Ball State, see the Supervisor’s Handbook on the Career Center Web site.