Central Mailing

Courier Service

Courier Service is a special delivery service that offers same-day transporting of items across campus.  The Courier Service provides scheduled runs daily, but also can be used by request for such items as:

  • Campus Mail
  • FedEx Packages
  • UPS Packages
  • Bulk Mailings
  • Overnight Items
  • Removable Media (CD's, DVD's, flash drives)
  • Other Items (documents, information, etc)

Courier Service requests should be made by phone, and only if it is important that the item be delivered same day.  Otherwise the item should be sent through the regular mail service.  To use, call 765-285-8429 to request a pickup.  If delivery confirmation is needed, please use the form provided in the link below.  Simply fill it out, print it, then attach it to the item or give it to the courier upon pick up:

Delivery Confirmation Form (PDF)