In all contracts, the contracting party for BSU is "Ball State University." Typically, this clause would be followed by a parenthetical containing a short-form of the name for use in the rest of the contract, e.g., (hereinafter "BSU" or "University"). The name designating the university should not vary within a contract and should be consistent from page to page and at the signature line. The address on the contract for the university should be 2000 W. University Avenue, Muncie, Indiana 47306. The notice requirement should be Ball State University, 2000 W. University Ave., Muncie, IN 47306, specified to the attention of the department, with a copy to: Ball State University, Attn.: Associate Vice President, Business Affairs and Assistant Treasurer, Finance Office, AD 208, Muncie, Indiana 47306, telephone number 765-285-1186. The University does not accept notice by email or facsimile.

If the other party is a corporation, limited liability company or other legal entity, be sure that the title for the other party includes the correct, full legal name and a reference to the state in which the entity is organized and/or its principal place of business. For example: "XYZ Corporation, an Indiana corporation," or "XYZ, Ltd., with its principal place of business at 1234 Anywhere Rd., Muncie, Indiana."