Jessie Ellsperman, Class of 2013
Excellence in Leadership Hiatt/Wickham Scholarship Winner, NRHH, Conversation Partner Program, Campus Crusade for Christ, Bridges, Academic Peer Mentor (2010-2010), Pre-Health Professions Club, National Society of Collegiate Scholars
It’s hard to narrow down all that I’ve absorbed from being a part of Excellence in Leadership, but one of the biggest impacts EIL has made on me is realizing the importance of self-awareness. Additionally, being surrounded by so many motivated leaders, both peers and adults, has encouraged me to be an active, creative leader on campus.

Hayley Wolf, Class of 2013
Dance Marathon Executive Board—Cochair of Dancer Relations, Public Relations Student Society of America, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

As soon as I began my freshman year, EIL gave me an opportunity to learn more about leadership, about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and about different perspectives and approaches to leading others. It provides a welcoming environment that also stretches your limits and pushes you out of your comfort zone into something bigger than yourself.

J. Bryant, Class of 2011
Involved as a Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader

EIL reinforced the service-based leadership perspective I gained in CLASS. I also gained new friends and once in a lifetime experiences. Also, being an EIL participant has already helped build my resume and has made me stand out during interviews for the RA and orientation leader positions.

Rodney Q. Blount, Class of 2008
Former Student Government Association Vice President

Being a member of EIL is a great experience that allows students to become instantly active on campus and involvement in the organization continues beyond freshman year. I had the opportunity to make new friends and associates that I maintain to this day. Also, EIL offered me and fellow members an opportunity to meet faculty in a friendly atmosphere; this occurred usually after a seminar in which a faculty member had presented helpful facts! Additionally, EIL annually hosts programs where famous personalities would share their experiences and address concerns that affect students, the United States, and the world. Most importantly, EIL gives its members several opportunities to participate in community service and to vastly improve their leadership skills.