Ball State University provides a wide variety of instructional technology options for its faculty. The links below provide information and resources for a number of those technologies. If you have a specific request, or if you have information or tips to share, please contact us.

Overview of Instructional Technologies at Ball State

Ball State provides antivirus protection for all university-owned computers. The appropriate protection for your computer can be downloaded from the Ball State antivirus download site.

Blackboard is a course management system that allows teachers to easily create online sites to deliver course materials, facilitate communication, and develop online testing and grading systems. Ball State uses Blackboard Learn (v9). The Integrated Learning Institute (iLearn) provides training for multiple tools available through Blackboard. Faculty can also learn how to use many features of Blackboard by visiting the Online Technical Support Center.

Banner Systems (MyBSU)
The Banner System is Ball State’s secure gateway to university and information services. It allows single sign-on access to the system where students, faculty, staff, and other university affiliates can view and manage their personal information, check financial aid status, manage travel and expense activity for university offices, and more. Within Self-Service Banner (SSB), faculty can enter grades and registration overrides, view class lists and student information.

Clickers (aka "student response systems") are handheld devices students use to provide feedback and answer questions in class, leading to a greater level of engagement. More information is available on the Clickers page.

Electronic Classroom Teaching Consoles
In Fall 2005, Ball State installed new teaching consoles in 15 large classrooms across campus. These consoles utilize touch-screen panels to control audio-visual presentations. For instructions on using these consoles, see the Electronic Teaching Console page.

HelpDesk [see Technology HelpDesk]

Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a wide variety of support for computer use on campus. For more information and a complete list of services, see the ITS site.

Instructional Classroom Support (ICSS) 
Instructional Classroom Support (ICSS), commonly known as Video Information System (VIS), offers a wide variety of services and solutions to enhance your eClassroom experience, including technical support, training and the ability for you to view instructional media in classrooms. In addition, Equipment and Projectionist Services loans audiovisual equipment as well as both Mac and Windows laptops to Ball State faculty, staff, and students.

Integrated Learning Institute
The Integrated Learning Institute (iLearn) serves the instructional design and technology learning needs of faculty members developing and teaching online or blended courses.  It also provides training and support for learning technologies such as Blackboard, inQsit, Web Gradebook, and rGrade. is a free online learning service offering up-to-date training videos that you have access to on campus. Available 24/7, you will find over 1,100 online training courses from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Blackboard, Corel, Google, Microsoft, and Open Source just to name a few.

Mediasite records presentations for later review—either of a live class or a pre-recorded module. The recording includes a small video window of your instruction and a large window showing any graphics you are using—PowerPoint slides, websites, overhead camera images, etc. The video and graphics are synchronized automatically, and students may search a slide list for the content they want to review. Mediasite recording is available in three classrooms on campus. View the Mediasite page for more information and usage requests.

rGrade is a web-based, rubric-driven grading and assessment environment developed within Ball State Teachers College.

SafeAssign is a text-matching tool available on Blackboard that checks student assignments against an institutional database (a collection of papers submitted on campus) and a global database (a collection of papers submitted on other campuses or that exist electronically on the web). Per university policy, training is mandatory before faculty can use SafeAssign.

Scanning Services
An optical scanning service is available for exam grading or data collection. For more information concerning exam scoring, please see Exam Services Job Card TechClip or contact Christie Smith at 765-285-1509. For assistance with data collection, please contact James A. Jones.

Technology HelpDesk
The Technology HelpDesk provides a single point of contact for students, faculty, and staff who are faced with a technology-related problem or question. The staff of the HelpDesk can resolve many issues during your initial call, can refer you to a specialist, or will log tickets for repair issues for your office computer equipment. Contact the Technology HelpDesk by submitting a ticket at or call 765-285-1517.

Technology Store
The Technology Store is a university-owned and operated technology store where Ball State students and employees can view, test, purchase, and order the latest products from companies such as Apple, Lenovo and HP. Many of the items in the Technology Store are sold at educational discounts and have been selected to provide you with all you need at one convenient on-campus location.

Unified Technology Support 
Unified Technology Support (UTS) has brought together technology support professionals from across campus with the goal of providing outstanding technology support for the students, faculty, and staff of Ball State University. UTS will help you fix a problem or learn how to use a new application. They also provide information and guidance to help you use the vast technology resources that you will find across campus.  Visit the UTS Faculty and Staff page for a description of the various services.

University Media Services 
University Media Services provides advanced media services for Ball State faculty and staff, including the design and production of video, graphics, and interactive multimedia. The University Media Services staff also provides media support for distance education, videoconferencing services, classroom support for electronic classrooms, and equipment checkout. All services are free for educational projects. University Media Services also houses the area's public television (WIPB) and radio (WBST) stations.

Videoconferencing is available for Ball State faculty and staff. Staff from the Video Network Information Center (VNIC) will coordinate and provide technical assistance for interactive video conferencing. You may use this service to bring guest speakers around the world into your classroom, to meet virtually with colleagues at other universities, or to conduct other university-related business. H.323 technology is the primary method of video conferencing implemented at Ball State University. For more information and assistance in setting up videoconferences, visit the Video Network Information Center (VNIC) site.