The Office of Educational Excellence facilities are intended for instructional and meeting use by all university faculty. While our own faculty development programs receive priority in use of our facilities, we strive to make full use of the rooms, opening them up to other individuals and departments for use as requested. Since our mission focuses on the promotion of effective teaching, we try to encourage exploratory and reflective teaching in our electronic classrooms that fully utilizes the available technology.

  • Facilities may be used during regular university business hours or by special request. Special requests will be considered individually.
  • Scheduling requests can be made by e-mail or phone.
  • No charges will be assessed for the use of OEE facilities unless specifically designated by university accounting procedures.
  • Only OEE personnel may make software changes in the classroom (see below).

To schedule a room, contact Trenda Whiteman at 765-285-1763. Requests are welcomed with lead time, when possible. If you must cancel, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to allow us to accommodate other faculty.

Software Changes In a Classroom
Only OEE staff will be allowed to change software on any computer in an OEE facility. To request additional software in a room, contact us at 765-285-1763 or Lead time is needed to load software on the instructor's station and the student stations. Software will only be installed if it is compatible with existing system software. The sponsoring faculty and/or department must provide the software and proof of licensing.

Note: OEE computers are installed with Deep Freeze software that will return the computers to their previous states on restart. Any changes made or files saved on the computers may be erased when this happens, so please make sure you and your students/participants take any work with them on disk when they leave. Work may be saved to the T: drive, but do not plan on those files remaining there indefinitely. We cannot retrieve files left on our computers after they have been deleted.

Room Use Guidelines

  • If you are using the instructor's station for the first time, you will be asked to meet with an OEE staff member. The meeting will provide any needed assistance so that our personnel may understand and meet your needs.
  • If you are using the videoconferencing facilities, you will need to meet with an OEE staff member to review room procedures for use of the videoconferencing hardware and to discuss any special needs. You will also need to contact Larry Cannon (765-285-2981) in University Media Services to make connection arrangements, Videoconferencing usually requires at least two weeks for scheduling and advanced notice.
  • Students will not be allowed to access the room prior to the arrival of the instructor. The rooms are not open to student use without being accompanied by a faculty member.