As stated by the Provost, all courses with an enrollment of four or more students are to be evaluated electronically using the University Core questions.

The processing and storage of the evaluation data is handled by Digital Measures using Course Response. Our portal to Course Response is located at course evaluations. Your Ball State username and password is required for access.

Once at Digital Measures, you can monitor the progress of evaluation through “View Respondents” during the evaluation period and, after grades for the semester have been posted, reports can be created as shown in this example.

Generally, the evaluation period takes place during the last two weeks of the semester prior to the start of finals. The students receive emails directing them to complete evaluations by going to course evaluations, and will receive regular reminder notices every three days until all their evaluations have been completed.

Evaluation data will be available after grades have been posted, which is within a week after the semester has closed.

FAQs regarding course evaluations can be found on the Provost's page Online Faculty and Course Evaluation.