AY 2012-2013, AY 2013-2014, AY 2014-2015

ILS Publications

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ILS Presentations

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OEE Research

Faculty Immediacy Behaviors in Traditional Classrooms Versus Interactive Learning Spaces
Melinda Messineo (PI), Sociology
Michael Tagler (Co-PI), Psychological Science
Lynne Stallings (Co-PI), English
James A. Jones (Co-PI), Research and Academic Effectiveness
Gary Pavlechko (Co-PI), Office of Educational Excellence
Kathleen Jacobi (Co-PI), Office of Educational Excellence

Interactive Learning Space Initiative: Effects of the Classroom Environment on Learning and Engagement
Gary Pavlechko (PI), OEE

Interactive Learning Spaces: web>Clicker and i>Clicker in a media:scape Learn Lab
Gary Pavlechko (PI), OEE

Faculty Training for Active Learning: Assessing Pre-Training Experience and Training Outcomes
Michael Holmes (PI), Telecommunications

ILS Faculty Research

The Impact of the ILS Initiative on Faculty Morale and Student Learning Achievement
Deanna Pucciarelli (PI), Family and Consumer Sciences
Jennifer Young (Co-PI), Family and Consumer Sciences
Kathleen Jacobi (Co-PI), Office of Educational Excellence

Interactive Learning Spaces: Collaborative Writing
Marilyn Chalupa (Co PI), ISOM
Melinda Messineo (Co PI), Sociology

Using Interactive Learning Technologies to Design Collaborative Reading Schemas for Low Intermediate ESL Students
Nidia Flis (PI), Intensive English Institute

Effect of Major, an Interactive Learning Space, and Flipped Classroom Pedagogy on Student Satisfaction, Confidence, and Learning
David L. Largent (PI), Computer Science

An Examination and Comparison of Two Approaches to Hybrid Teaching of Non-Majors Biology: Assessing Changes in Student Attitude and Levels of Engagement Based on Learning Styles
Bill Rogers (PI), Biology

Employing Collaborative Technologies in High- and Low-tech Classroom Environments
Tyler Smith, Theatre & Dance

Technology Mentoring: Bridging the Knowledge of Teachers and Digital Natives
Jon Clausen, Educational Studies

Moving in the Right Direction: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Student Engagement and Interaction in an Interactive Learning Space
David Largent, Computer Science
Rebecca Pierce, Mathematical Sciences
Lynne Stallings, English
Petra Zimmermann, Geography

Teaching Up-side Down: Radical Collaborative Writing and Individual Responsibility
Juli Thorson, Philosophy and Religious Studies