Freshman Connections

For Students, Parents, and Visitors

Why Freshman Connections?

The purpose of Freshman Connections is to help new students more quickly and more fully become part of our learning community at Ball State. Our purpose is simply to improve learning.

In a recent summary report on student engagement and retention in postsecondary education, "interaction with faculty positively affected reading comprehension, critical thinking, openness to diversity, and internal attribution of academic success, [while] interaction with peers had a positive effect on mathematics knowledge, openness to diversity, learning for self-understanding, and preference for higher-order cognitive tasks."

Freshman Connections, as a living-learning community, promotes interactions between students and faculty and among students themselves.

What Are the Goals of Freshman Connections?

From the beginning of the program, Freshman Connections has adopted the goals of the University Core Curriculum. More specifically, Freshman Connections seeks to accelerate the process for new students to learn and succeed at Ball State. Using both programwide and team-based planning, Freshman Connections seeks to deepen the contact new students have with faculty, staff, and fellow students in order to improve learning and persistence to graduation.

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