Healthy Monday


  is part of "The Monday Campaigns" in association with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Syracuse University.

March 23 - Music can not only calm you, it can also energize you. This week, try making a playlist of songs that put you in a positive mood, and let the music take you away!

March 16 - Feeling stressed? This week, beat stress with gratitude. Try writing down five things every day that you feel grateful for.

March 9 - Start the week with a positive frame of mind. Start by doing a Monday Refresh, a simple practice that incorporates techniques like deep breathing, positive affirmation, and mindfulness.

March 2 - Managing your stress can improve your life in many aspects.  Feeling tense? Reduce stress by showing a smile.

February 23 - Regular physical activity can improve many aspects of your life.  Having trouble sleeping? Exercise could solve the problem!

February 16 - Hit the reset button and get active to kick off the week.  Make it a fun social event, by inviting co-workers for a Monday Mile!

February 9 - Hit the reset button and get active to kick off the week.  Strapped for time? Try performing wall sits every time you're on the phone!

February 2 - Start the week with simple exercises, such as chair yoga, to add physical activity to your day.

January 26 - Fall off this past week? No worries - don't beat yourself up over it.
Monday is a weekly opportunity to get back on track and start fresh.

January 19 - What are your health goals? Share them with friends and loved ones to make yourself accountable and ask for support - it can make all the difference!

January 5 - It's a new week and a new year - now that's a fresh start! Make the most of it by putting the past behind you, identifying your health goals, and diving into the new week.