Healthy Monday


  is part of "The Monday Campaigns" in association with Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Syracuse University.

July 6 - This week, balance out the innate negative by actively paying attention to what's positive!

June 29 - This week, solve some of the little problems in your life that have been building up. Just getting started can reduce stress and make you feel in control again! 

June 22 - Today, don't worry about where you have to get to. Instead, try focusing on the act of walking itself, without talking or texting! 

June 15 - Did you know sitting for extended periods of time can lead to negative health effects? Today, try to get up every hour and engage in a few minutes of light activity!

June 8 - Today, get out the calendar and plan a getaway for yourself. Studies show that job performance and satisfaction improves with the frequency of vacations!

June 1 - Today, practice good posture when you walk. Good posture helps you breathe and prevents problems with your back, neck and shoulders!

May 25- Today, make sure you make time for lunch. Stopping to eat lunch will re-energize your body and help with clarity and focus!

May 18 - Reset your health this Monday by walking and making it a daily habit, all week long. Walking is good for your health and can help clear your mind!

May 11 - Feeling stressed? Knowing that there are people in similar circumstances can make stress seem less overwhelming.

May 1 - Get your health back on track with the Monday Mile. Organize a walk, jog or run with friends, family and co-workers!

April 27 - Feeling stressed? Writing down what's stressing you out can help clarify sources of stress and make it seem less overwhelming.

April 20 - Celebrate Earth Day this week with Meatless Monday. Going meatless once a week is good for your health and the health of the planet!

April 6 -  Don't be scared to try something new. Variety can make exercise fun and challenging in a healthy way!

March 30 - Reducing your environmental impact and improving your health can be as simple as cutting out meat once a week.

March 23 - Music can not only calm you, it can also energize you. This week, try making a playlist of songs that put you in a positive mood, and let the music take you away!

March 16 - Feeling stressed? This week, beat stress with gratitude. Try writing down five things every day that you feel grateful for.

March 9 - Start the week with a positive frame of mind. Start by doing a Monday Refresh, a simple practice that incorporates techniques like deep breathing, positive affirmation, and mindfulness.

March 2 - Managing your stress can improve your life in many aspects.  Feeling tense? Reduce stress by showing a smile.

February 23 - Regular physical activity can improve many aspects of your life.  Having trouble sleeping? Exercise could solve the problem!

February 16 - Hit the reset button and get active to kick off the week.  Make it a fun social event, by inviting co-workers for a Monday Mile!

February 9 - Hit the reset button and get active to kick off the week.  Strapped for time? Try performing wall sits every time you're on the phone!

February 2 - Start the week with simple exercises, such as chair yoga, to add physical activity to your day.

January 26 - Fall off this past week? No worries - don't beat yourself up over it.
Monday is a weekly opportunity to get back on track and start fresh.

January 19 - What are your health goals? Share them with friends and loved ones to make yourself accountable and ask for support - it can make all the difference!

January 5 - It's a new week and a new year - now that's a fresh start! Make the most of it by putting the past behind you, identifying your health goals, and diving into the new week.