Before the Party


*Know and obey the law - Saying that you didn't know the law will not keep you out of trouble. Be proactive and obey the law.

*Notify your neighbors of the party - Notifying your neighbors of your party is not only the polite thing to do, but it will save you from being known as "that neighbor".

*Review the terms of your lease or contract - Some landlords won't allow you to have parties or offer some stiff consequence for having the police at your place. Be sure you know so there are no suprises.

*Put your valuables away - Do we really have to explain this one?

*Invite a manageable number of people you know personally and stick to that list - Knowing your guests is highly important when throwing a party. When your guests know you, they will respect your place more than someone who doesn't. Knowing your guests will also help you to control your party if it gets out of control.

*Have a theme that doesn't include alcohol - The more your party doesn't focus on alcohol, the less your guests feel they need to drink and the safer your party will be.



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