During the Party


*Have 1 or 2 people stay sober to watch the party - Sober eyes are far better than ones that are drunk. They will be able to help you keep control of the party. One of these people should serve drinks and monitor consumption.

*Steer clear of glass bottles or cups - People drop things and broken glass cuts people. Keep your guests safe by using plastic cups and bottles.

*Stick to your guest list - Don't feel bad if you have to turn someone away from your party. This is to keep you and your guests safe during the party.

*Have and stick to a plan should someone become ill - Having a plan in place will give you some extra time to deal with the situation at hand. Don't be afraid to call 911 if you need to.

*Remember that small fires and open flames can turn into large fires and open flames - Keep all smoking, candle lighting, etc. to a bare minimum.

*Keep all alcohol use inside your house or apartment - Public intoxication is against the law. Keep you and your guests out of trouble by limiting alcohol use outside.

*Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party ends - Doing this will ensure that your guests are not leaving before they know exactly how intoxicated they are.

*Be cooperative - If the police are called and come to your door, be polite and cooperative.  You'll only get yourself in more trouble if you don't. You also may want to put your drink down before you answer the door.


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