University Human Resource Services

Roll Out the Red Spirit of Service

"Roll Out the Red" is unlike any other employee training program you've attended at Ball State University. Roll Out the Red combines online modules and face-to-face sessions to create interactive learning. Best of all, it's an ongoing process. After your Roll Out the Red training, you'll be better equipped to handle difficult customer service situations. Plus, you'll take back to your work area reminders that Roll Out the Red is not only an initiative but an attitude of daily service at Ball State University!

If you are a Professional or Staff person, you may begin your Roll Out the Red training immediately by viewing the four online training modules:

Training Module 1

Training Module 2

Training Module 3

Training Module 4

Quizzes and Final Learning Assessment: At the conclusion of each online module is a 10-question quiz.  After all modules are completed, a Final Learning Assessment must be successfully taken before you can attend the face-to-face ROTR session. If you prefer, you can take the Final Learning Assessment using the link shown below. When the new webpage opens, please click the button next to Final Learning Assessment, then click the Continue button.

Final Learning Assessment

Face-to-Face Sessions: Each fall and spring, new Professional and Staff employees are invited to attend a face-to-face Roll Out the Red Spirit of Service session. Approximately six weeks before the session, Jerry Winans in the Learning and Development (L&D) office will contact managers to register employees. (Please remember that nonexempt employees are to participate in the online training as a part of the regular workday.)

Additional ROTR Resources: Please visit the "Roll Out the Red" Web site to view more resources for applying Roll Out the Red Spirit of Service principles!