The Video Network Information Center (VNIC) implements video conferencing technology in real-time correspondence so that faculty, staff, and administrators at Ball State University can communicate on a classroom to classroom basis, classroom to any location certified in the United States, or allow for communications with various locations worldwide.

VNIC provides technical support for video conference technology for both on-campus and far-site locations. VNIC is also instrumental in providing faculty with awareness of video conferencing techniques, and proper setup of equipment to initiate a video conference. By providing technical support and being a liaison with your far-site connection the VNIC enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your video conference experience.

If you are interested in booking a video conference please fill out the VNIC Request Form. The form will begin the process of making your endeavors into the video conferencing domain an enriching experience. After the form is received a VNIC representative will be contacting you by phone to obtain further information. If you would like help with the form, please contact Larry Cannon.

The VNIC is proud to be able to prodvide the following promotional video. If you have any further quesitons after viewing this promo, please feel free to contact the Video Network Information Center.


The simplest description of a web conference is video and audio communication between two or more people.  A PowerPoint presentation through WebEx or Multi-point connectivity is one or more people watching, and there is multi-site video and audio, (think of multiple conference rooms that can see and speak to each other).

If you are not sure what type of video conference solution best fits your needs, watch our videos.