Institutional Diversity Banner

University Diversity Committee

  1. John Emert, Honors College
  2. Michael Burayadi, Urban Planning
  3. Thomas Gibson, Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
  4. Carolyn Kapinus, Graduate School
  5. Ro Anne Royer-Engle, Multicultural Center
  6. Natalie Phillips, School of Art
  7. Marcy Meyer, Communication Studies
  8. Chris Munchel, Office of Admissions; Charles Haynes-alternate
  9. Wen Qi, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  10. Charlene Alexander, Associate Provost for Diversity (ex offico)
  11. Courtney Jarrett, Office of Disability Services 
  12. Jennifer Metzler, Biology
  13. Julie Dominguez, Human Resources
  14. He Wang, School of Kinesiology 
  15. Bradley Benson, Finance and Insurance 
  16. Terry King, Interim President (ex officio)/Jacquelyn Buckrop (designee)
  17. Maria Hernandez Finch, Educational Psychology