Ball State offers a variety of interdisciplinary academic programs which focus on some aspect of diversity. Some emphasize domestic diversity issues while others encourage international and global perspectives.

Women's and Gender Studies
This interdisciplinary major and minor is designed to offer students a comprehensive program for the investigation of women's experiences and introduces the theories and methodologies of the discipline of women's and gender studies. In doing so, attention will be paid to issues of gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, age, race, class, ethnicity, and religious differences.

For more information, visit the Women's and Gender Studies Program or call 765-285-5451.

Gerontology is the study of aging. The gerontology program in the Fisher Institute of Health and Well-Being is focused on life span aging, particularly on aspects of aging well. The program offers hands-on experience working with aging adults at the Community Center for Vital Aging in downtown Muncie. Opportunities to interact with the aging services delivery system are available through linkages with the State Bureau of Aging and In-Home Services, the regional area agencies on aging, agencies delivering long term care services and residential services, and others that administer or deliver projects or programs to aging adults.

Multicultural Minor

Native American Studies 
This minor is a comprehensive study of Native Americans. It supplements programs in the social sciences and those requiring a multicultural component. For more information, visit the Department of Anthropology or call 765-285-1575. 

American Studies 
The American studies minor helps students understand and appreciate the interrelationship of all facets of American society and culture. The program consists of courses in American history, literature, art, and other elements of American life and thought. It focuses on cultural diversity and social groups in American history.

The interdisciplinary approach of the American studies minor cuts across traditional academic boundaries, giving students a unique view of the nation's social fabric and history. It equips students with knowledge and skills applicable to careers in education, journalism, business, advertising, publishing, government, and other types of work requiring a general understanding of American society and culture and an ability to conduct rigorous interdisciplinary analysis.

For more information, visit the Department of History or call 765-285-8700 

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
The interdisciplinary peace studies and conflict resolution minor addresses the sources of war, social oppression, and violence and the challenges of promoting peace and justice. It also examines proposals, such as mediation, to promote redress of grievances. For more information, visit the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies or call 765-285-1622.

Asian Studies 
The Asian studies minor is designed to introduce students to Asian cultures and traditions and to help them become familiar with major cultural differences in customs and values. This minor prepares students for careers in multinational business and education and equips them with knowledge that is applicable to many liberal arts subjects. 

European Studies
The European studies minor is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of political, social, economic, geographic, and cultural issues faced by Europe. Defining Europe in its broadest geographical sense, from the Atlantic to the Urals, the European studies minor draws together a variety of departments from a number of colleges to offer students a broad view of the challenges Europe faces the 21st century. The framework of the European studies minor is formulated so that students will emerge with enhanced knowledge and skills appropriate for careers in education, business, and government, as well as any other profession that values in-depth knowledge of the European continent and its inhabitants.

For more information, call the Office of European Studies, North Quad (NQ) 240, 765-285-8780.

Latin American Studies
The Latin-American studies major and minor are interdepartmental programs designed to help students understand the common heritage and problems of Latin-American countries as well as the differences that exist among them. These programs will be helpful to students majoring in such subjects as anthropology, bilingual education, business, history, political science, and Spanish.

International Business
The goal of the international business major is to provide students with an integrated, individualized course of study in international business. In addition to a prescribed course of study, students may design a program that meets their individual business and cultural interests. The IB major includes the following components:

  • interdisciplinary combination of international business classes in marketing, management, finance, and economics
  • language proficiency
  • international field study and internships
  • global studies in the humanities
  • expertise in a critical business function

International Manufacturing Technology Program
The international manufacturing technology program combines the strengths of the manufacturing engineering technology (MET) program and the Japanese program. Students wanting to emphasize technical skills would major in MET and minor in Japanese, while students wanting to emphasize language skills would major in Japanese and minor in manufacturing technology. Students would also participate in a summer internship program.

Safezone: Projects in Support of the LGBTQA Community

SAFEZONE is a voluntary network of faculty, staff and students who believe that every member of the University community should have an opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment. It is a group of people especially committed to being allies with and advocates for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) people. SAFEZONE offers trainings for those who wish to become allies/advocates, workshops on relevant topics, assistance and support to faculty, staff and students and resources for LGBTQ people as well as allies and advocates. We welcome your input.