Motorcycles and motor scooters that are required to be licensed by the State of Indiana must be registered with the university. A motorcycle permit may be added to your yearly permit at no additional charge.  Learn about purchasing and displaying a permit. 

18-19 Motorcycle Permit
Expires on August 9, 2019
 With Another Permit Free
 Motorcycle Permit Only $83


If you purchase a stadium permit, your motorcycle permit will allow you to park in any yellow faculty/staff or green surface commuter lot.

If you purchase a residence hall or restricted permit, your motorcycle permit will allow you to park in your assigned lot.

Motorcycles and motor scooters are not allowed to park on sidewalks, bike racks, or in areas posted NO PARKING.  Only one motorcycle per parking space.

To purchase a motorcycle permit, you must provide the Office of Parking Services the vehicle registration for each motorcycle you would like to register. You cannot register a vehicle that belongs to another student, employee, or family member of another student or employee.  Doing so will result in revocation of parking privileges