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Payroll and Employee Benifits

Flexible Spending Plans - The Benefit Card

  1. What is the Benefit Card?
    The Benefit Card® is a debit card offered to enhance your Flexible Spending Account by providing instant access to your FSA account. The card is designed for use only at qualified providers or merchants that accept MasterCard and offer eligible goods or services for reimbursement under your Flexible Spending Account. Rather than paying out-of-pocket money for qualified expenses and waiting for reimbursement, your Benefit Card transfers funds for qualified expenses directly from your available Flexible Spending Account to the provider. As a Flexible Spending Account participant, a Benefit Card will be mailed to your home address.
  2. How does the Benefit Card work?
    The Benefit Card is an off-line debit card that allows you to pay for your eligible FSA expenses directly at the point of service. The Benefit Card is treated like a credit card at a merchant or provider terminal because it does not require a P.I.N. number before processing a transaction. There is no additional line of credit associated with the card, and no credit check will be performed.
  3. Will I still need to provide any supporting transaction detail?
    Yes, in many cases we may request information in order to verify the eligibility of your Benefit Card purchase. Automated follow-up letters will be sent to you via e-mail should transaction detail be required. You simply reply directly to the e-mail, or complete and fax back to FlexPro for review. If you do not provide FlexPro an e-mail address on your election form, the transaction detail request will be mailed directly to your home address.
  4. Where may I use my Benefit Card?
    You may use your card to pay for eligible FSA expenses at your doctor or dentist's office, the hospital, pharmacy or vision provider. Visit the Key Family website for a listing of eligible expenses. Do not use the Benefit Card for "Paid on Account" or "Balance Forward" from prior plan year amounts.
  5. What happens if I try to charge $50 but I only have $30 left in my available account balance?
    The transaction would be denied. You may ask the provider to only charge the $30 on your Benefit Card and pay the balance with another form of payment. You may check on your current account balance on-line prior to using your Benefit Card to verify your available balance.
  6. Where can I view my Flexible Spending Account balance/history?
    Go to the Key Family website and click on "Flexible Spending Accounts", then "Secure FSA Account Access". After following the instructions to "Create Account", you will be able to check on your current account balance, request statements on demand, and review your detailed transaction history.
  7. What if my provider doesn't have a charge card terminal?
    You can still utilize funds from your account using the traditional method (you pay the provider, submit a claim form and detailed invoice/receipt, and receive reimbursement via check) by mailing or faxing your claim paperwork to your FlexPro administrator.
  8. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
    You should immediately contact a FlexPro Customer Care Representative at 800-558-5553 to report your Benefit Card lost or stolen. You will receive a replacement card within 7-10 days.
  9. Can I get an additional Benefit Card for my spouse or dependent?
    Yes, you can. Simply complete the Request for Spouse/Dependent Card(s) and submit this to the address on the bottom of the form.
  10. Will my claims for medical or dental claims processed by KBA continue to be rolled to the Flexible Spending Plan for payment?
    No, they will not. You may use your Benefit Card to pay your balance or submit a paper claim to KBA for reimbursement.