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Information on Pensions

  1. How do I know how much money I have in my pension account?
    You will receive quarterly statements of account from each vendor with which you have money. If you are with TRF or PERF, you will need to request an estimate within one year of the date you are eligible to receive a pension benefit in order to see your monthly pension amount. Or, you may go to the TRF or PERF website and calculate an estimate.
  2. I'm in PERF/TRF. How much money am I contributing? How much does Ball State match?
    You may contribute from 1% to 10% on a voluntary basis to PERF/TRF. This contribution can be pre-tax or post-tax, or a combination. However, there is a limited time frame in which you may sign up for voluntary contributions (PDF) pre-tax contributions.

    The University contributes an amount equal to 3% of your pay into your Annuity Savings Account (ASA). The University contributes a variable percentage rate of pay to fund the Pension. The rate is determined by state legislature.
  3. I'm in PERF. Does Ball State have another pension plan for me?
    Ball State offers a Tax Deferred Annuity Plan. This is a plan whereby you may have money deducted from your paycheck on a tax deferred basis. That money is then invested by a vendor of your choice per your instructions. You may choose among six available vendors listed below.
  4. What happens to my pension if I leave the University?
    See the Life Event Grid (PDF).
  5. Can I withdraw money from my pension account?
    Not as long as you remain employed by the University in any capacity.

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