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Compensatory Time - Exempt

Compensation Policy for Declared and/or Specified University Close-downs for Exempt Personnel:

This section sets forth the compensation policy for certain university close-downs on days other than university holidays. Such close-downs shall be only as declared by the Board of Trustees and/or the President of the university and shall include declared days of mourning and days set aside to honor a specified person or event. The policy is applicable to unique, one-time close-downs that are generally of not more than one day's duration.

An employee who is scheduled to work but does not work due to the closing of the university for the reasons indicated will be paid according to the hours he or she was scheduled to work that day. (In other words, an employee will not suffer a loss in pay due to the closing of the university.) An employee who is in pay status but not scheduled to work will receive compensation according to his or her pay status. An employee who is not scheduled to work because of a scheduled day off or layoff status will not receive compensation.

If required to work to maintain essential or necessary services on the declared day, a staff employee will receive the regular rate of pay for the regularly scheduled workday plus the normal rate of pay for the hours actually worked. The employee will be considered to have worked or have been scheduled to work on the declared day if the majority of the regularly scheduled shift falls on the declared day.

This policy does not apply to close-downs or reductions in work force related to university vacation periods, energy or resource shortages, or other conditions beyond the university's control.
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