Correcting Labor (Redistribution) Information and Instructions


Redistributions are used to change the labor distribution on salary and wages previously paid to an employee through the payroll process within the current fiscal year.  Changes to an employee's labor distribution for salary and wages for a future payroll period should be done using an EPAF.  When making labor distribution changes mid fiscal year that will change the labor distribution for the full fiscal year, both a redistribution form and an EPAF will be required.  For information and instructions on EPAF please go to the Human Resources website at

Once the redistribution is completed, all affected salary and wages will show under the new labor distribution on the department's labor distribution report.  Benefits tied to redistributed salary and wages will also be redistributed (Employer portion of FICA taxes, insurances, pension, etc.).  Benefits cannot be redistributed on their own, only salary and wages can be redistributed.

Journal Vouchers cannot be used to redistribute labor because it is important for both the Banner HR system and the Banner Finance system to reflect the same information.  Labor redistributions made in Banner HR feed over to Banner Finance, but journal voucher entries in Banner Finance do not feed over to Banner HR.

Processing Schedule

Process completed Labor Redistribution Form, with all available information, and seek the required Budget Director or Budget Representative approval before submitting the approved form to the Payroll & Employee Benefits Office (AD029).

Redistributions are processed in batches:  All redistributions received by the 25th of the month will be processed for the current month.  Approved forms received after the 25th may take up to four weeks before the requested changes appear on the department's labor distribution reports.

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Correcting Labor Form  (pdf)



    (1)  Identify the labor distribution error.  This information can be reviewed on the NHRDIST report available through Self Serve Banner (SSB) via the Finance tab under ePrint Repository.

    (2)  Enter the employee's identification number and name.

    (3)  Enter the position control number and suffix of the employee for labor charges to be redistributed.  This can be found on the NHRDIST report by the employee's name.

    (4)  Enter the payroll number or the payroll date.  This information is available on the PEB website at:

    (5)  Enter the INCORRECT (old or wrong) FOAP as follows:

        a.  FUND - the six digit fund code that was originally charged for the labor charges.

        b.  ORGN - the six digit organizational code that was used in the original labor distribution.

        c.  ACCT - the six digit labor account code that was used in the original labor distribution.

        d.  PROG - the four digit program code that was used in the original labor distribution.

    (6)  Enter the CORRECT (new) FOAP following the same structure of the FOAP as listed above in Step 4.

    (7)  Approvals should have one of the following Approval signatures:

        a.  Contracts and Grants

        b.  Budget Director or for departments that do not have a Budget Director but has an assigned financial representative that has been assigned from the Controller's Office.  If you are unsure who should approve your changes please contact the Controller's Office.