Vacation is accrued beginning on the employee's effective date of employment; but for a new employee, it is not available for use until the beginning of the calendar month following satisfactory completion of the probationary period. Vacation accrued for a fiscal year will be made available for use on July 1 of that fiscal year and may be used any time during the next 14 months subject only to approval of the employee's supervisor. Any vacation not taken in the allotted time period is lost; no cash equivalent will be paid.

For accrual information, see Exempt Vacation Accrual.

Vacation available for use can be found on Self Serve Banner under Employee Leave Balances.

Holidays recognized by the university are not counted as a part of vacation.

Vacations are to be scheduled in advance and at a time agreeable to the supervisor and in accordance with the needs of the department. Vacation is to be used in half-day or full-day units only. At its sole discretion, the university reserves the right to assign an employee's available vacation balance toward time off.