Nonexempt paid vacation

Vacation is accrued beginning on the employee's effective date of employment; but for a new employee, it is not available for use until the beginning of the calendar month following satisfactory completion of the probationary period. Only vacation hours that are accrued and reported on the paycheck stub may be used.

The vacation year will start on the beginning date of the pay period for which the first check will be issued in July (date adjusted annually to coincide with the biweekly pay period) and end on the last date of the last pay period paid in June of the following year. All vacation accrued in a vacation year must be used before the end of the following vacation year except balances of less than one will be carried forward to the next vacation year.

Holidays recognized by the university are not counted as part of vacation. Extra pay in lieu of vacation is not allowable.

For accrual information, see Nonexempt Vacation Accrual.

Vacations are to be scheduled in advance and at a time agreeable to the supervisor and in accordance with the needs of the department. Vacation is to be used in one-hour increments; however, the request to use vacation in one-hour increments will not be approved by the supervisor if the absence of the employee from the workplace would require that a substitute or replacement be employed. At its sole discretion, the university reserves the right to assign an employee's available vacation balance toward time off.