Purchasing Services

Business With Ball State University

Information for Minority and/or Women's Business Enterprise Businesses

The Purchasing Services Office supports the University's commitment to the promotion of diversity with the vendors who supply goods and services to the university by focusing on securing business contracts with firms identified as minority- and women-owned businesses. The University also meets with representatives of minority- and women-owned businesses to discuss their offerings of products and services and actively provides minority- and women-owned businesses the opportunity to submit price quotations for procurement of products and services. 

If you are a representative of a minority or women-owned business and would be interested
in providing goods or services to Ball State, contact the Director of Purchasing Services
at 765-285-1532.

State Certification

If you are interested in state certification as a Minority and/or Women's Business Enterprise, you can find additional information on the process on the Indiana Department of Administration's Minority and Women's Business Enterprises Division's web site. Become a certified MWBE with The State of Indiana 

Non-Compliant Suppliers

The State of Indiana Department of Revenue, in compliance with legislative changes in HEA 1811, requires all state colleges and universities in Indiana to submit for review by the state all contractual vendors of supplies and services. Find non-compliant suppliers and additional information here. 

If you are interested in doing business with Ball State University please fill out a W-9 and submit to procurement@bsu.edu.