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Other Types of Grades

  • "W" represents an official withdrawal from a course.
  • "I" represents incomplete work and is given only when it is determined that the student should be given an opportunity to finish the work. The instructor, along with the department chairperson decides whether to award an incomplete grade in a course and outlines the requirements and time limit for completing the work. It is most important that the conditions for removing the "I" be as specific as possible.  Removal of an "I" grade should be limited to as short a period as possible.  An "I" grade will expire to become an "F." Unless an earlier completion date is specified by the instructor, an "I" grade awarded for an undergraduate course will expire as follows: for Fall enrollment, by May 1 of the following year; for Spring and/or Summer enrollment, by December 1 of the same year.  An exception is made when an extension on the timeline has been recommended by a department chairperson and approved by the appropriate dean.  Should an instructor wish to extend the time frame, they may do so by submitting a request to the records area on departmental letterhead.  The Registrar's Office will send an email reminder to the student and to the instructor of an "I" grade on the student record on or about the 15th of every month.  

    Graduate courses will expire 1 year from the time of issuance.

    Students should not re-register in any course where they currently have a pending "I" grade.

    This policy does not apply to independent learning courses offered through Online and Distance Education.  It also excludes courses in the following categories:  DISS, RES, THES, ID 705.                
  • "NR" represents a grade not properly reported by an instructor. The instructor must assign a grade by the fifth week of the next term. If an NR grade is not removed by the fifth week of the following (academic year) term, the registrar's office will automatically change the grade to F or to NC if it is a credit or no-credit course.
  • "EC" represents continued enrollment in a course that runs beyond two or more grading periods.
  • "CR" is recorded for students registered under credit/no-credit provisions who do work that is average or above average.
  • "NC" is recorded for a student registered under credit/no-credit provisions who do work that is below average.
  • "FS" represents students that have stopped attending classes.
  • "FN" represents students that registered for courses but never attended classes.
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